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What you need to know

  • Skype usernames will return to Skype in the future.
  • A Skype Community Manager states that the feature is "in progress."
  • The same manager adds that there are technical and legal blockers in the way right now.

Skype usernames are on the way back, according to a Skype forum. Skype Community Manager, Petr, states that Microsoft is still working on bringing back usernames to Skype in a Skype forum. Petr responded to a piece of feedback from December 2018, so the feature has been in progress for a while.

Petr states that there are "many blockers for [the Skype team], both technical and legal but it is in progress."

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Skype usernames may be seen by some as an odd addition, considering that Skype has a large base of professional users and usernames are often used casually, but one comment points out that usernames allow you to keep the same account without showing a silly email address that you used as a kid.


Skype allows you to message, call, and video call millions of people around the world.

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