Skype for Windows 10 nabs handful of tweaks in latest update

A new update is rolling out to Skype for Windows 10, and while it doesn't include any major changes, there are a few smaller tidbits to be found. Among the changes are tweaks to the way images are displayed in collections, the removal of reactions to images in collections, and general improvements to Fluent Design.

Here's a look at what's new (via Aggiornamenti Lumia):

  • The images in the collections are now displayed in full
  • Removed reactions to images in collections
  • Removed the profile icons in the chats
  • Improvements with the preview images link
  • Improvements with Fluent Design

It's certainly not as massive as previous recent updates, which introduced more Fluent Design elements, a notification panel, and mentions. This latest update ticks Skype up to version 12.13.257 and is available to everyone now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Update also available for Win10M. I tried to use Skype on my Lumia950 a few weeks ago on vacation a couple of times, but it was a mess, failing almost every time whether it was video calling or just voice, really annoying
  • Camera is still upside down for me on my L950.
  • same here, the app is simply unusable
  • Same issue on my Elite x3 :-/  It's fine for messaging, but the app is useless for video calling. 
  • Maybe Skype will be the next major app that drops support for W10M.
  • Seriously, I hope there is more than just UX changes? I bet they will re-add the features that they removed under the guise of listening to users with a subpar implementation and to show they are 'working'. How long will it take for them to understand that away and busy are not the same as invisible / offline?... smh... I read some user requests... one was they wanted to be "more invisible"... how the heck can you be "more invisible"after setting yourself as invisible?? LOL.  
  • The W10M update is worthless! Video calls are still inverted and there are still no emojis in Skype or SMS text Oh - and the toast notifications on the phone are junk. Individual messages are no longer separated and in-line responses are not possible.
  • FC upside down makes any update fail on arrival. 950XL or my father's 640XL are still stranger things
  • An abandoned OS is probably not on their list of priorities for bug fixes.
  • That's true, but they should have a Do No Harm approach. If they break something it should be for them to fix it.
  • exactly. even removing or disabling the app from Win10m entirely would be better than this.
  • It still qualifies for patch work till 2019...the camera orientation is not adding a feature but rather fixing it
  • That theoretically applies to the OS only, haven't seen such a commitment from any app developer and certainly not from a Microsoft dev.
  • Windows 10 desktop is still very much not abandoned. UWP on the other hand ...
  • But it is still supported.   MS never said it was abandoned.
  • In-line responses are still here. Though not all of them are sent.
  • I pray fro an update to Skype for W10 that makes it not suck.  What a pathetic design.  Is it Skype?  Is it Messenger?  Is for business?  Is it for social media?  
  • Skype is directionless. can be whatever you want it to be....but just not very good.
  • The front facing camera is still upside down and most imojis still no longer send on windows10 phone (Alcatel Onetouch Fierce XL). MSFT, FIX THESE ISSUES ALREADY!
  • Sad to see that contact list takes ages to load on mobile, and still lenghthy on Win10 PC. Not to mention opening a conversation. What kind of poor coding is happening behind is mind bogling. How come aged old programs like ICQ or AOL IM, let alone Skype Win32 version never had these issues? Can't they use the same code as the Win32 version of Skype? To me, Skype UWP looks like it all being outsourced on the cheap in India or something. A shame as it had an amazing start. I hope that this issue will be fixed shortly, because in teh current state, Skype is difficult to use.
  • It seems like no one at Microsoft can code UWP apps. The best UWP apps are from small developers.
  • Cannot believe they have put us in the upside down.
  • Didn't they can the qa group? That would explain a lot.
  • Agreed. Just put my father in law on a 1520 that we have, he Skype all his friends in Ireland.... Upside down. He holds the phone in landscape and it works fine, but unconvincent.
  • Even the change log is incorrect. They ADDED BACK profile icons in chats. They've been removed since 2016.
  • No? They *are* gone __in chats__ In the contact pane, they are still there :)