Skype for Windows adds media toolbar and URL previews in latest update

Microsoft is adding two new features for Windows Skype users. The latest update brings the version number to 7.16 and includes a media toolbar and a URL preview features.

Media Toolbar

Microsoft says:

Sharing shouldn't take too many clicks – as such we've released a new toolbar which you can use to quickly share photos, files, video messages, contacts and emoticons. In your instant message window, you'll now see shortcuts to these five sharing options. As you type, the toolbar will minimize itself so you can see more of what you type. To expand it again, just click the paper clip menu.

The URL preview feature will allow users to copy and paste in a website link to a photo or video that will show up in the chat as an image, rather than a long URL address. You can download the new version of Skype now from Microsoft or hit Help > Check for updates within your existing Skype app.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham