Slack (beta) for Windows Phone gets a 'seems faster' update

Despite Microsoft entering the work-chat fray today with their Teams release Slack is not resting on their laurels. A new version of the Slack app for Windows phone is now available (and yes, it's still in beta).

The November update is no slouch with a well-defined changelog mostly focusing on improvements to speed. Slack was never fast on Windows phone, but this update does quite a lot to fix that especially on our HP Elite x3.

Here is what's new with the always entertaining Slack changelog!

Slack 2016.1102.0.0 (November 2nd, 2016)


Everyone likes apps to be faster. So behind the scenes we've been refurbishing the engine that powers the app and polishing all the constituent parts to make everything run smoothly (and faster). This means everything should be running better (and also faster. Did we mention faster?). Give it a spin.


  • Presence was not always being 100% truthful. You're now there when you're there, and not when you're not. As it should be.
  • Loading very large teams could make the app unresponsive. No more.
  • The red notification dot would sometimes not go away when you read messages with mentions in them. It had ONE job. It now performs it.
  • DND was sometimes performing time travel, moving into negative time. Impressive, but not useful, so we fixed it up.
  • We sometimes forgot to save your unsent message when you switched teams or channels. We'll now keep them till you get back.
  • Where you couldn't always tap mentions to see a user profile. You now can.
  • Channels that were staying bold once you'd read them was a bold (but incorrect) move, and is now rectified.
  • Leaving and closing channels could sometimes cause issues. Now you can come and go as you please.
  • Notifications, where they were unreliable, can now be trusted again.
  • Channels with terrible habit of forgetting the scroll position in messages if you were distracted by a opening a picture (or looking away at any other shiny object) now remember where you were before you… wait, what's that? Is that candy?

Not bad at all and it's great to see Slack continue their support for Windows phone. Now, if we can just get a UWP app that supports Continuum maybe we won't jump ship to Microsoft Teams.

Download Slack (Beta) in the Windows Store

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Seems Faster :D
  • Eh, good old days
  • I love how super detailed they got just describing how they made it run faster :'D deaddd
  • They're scared now. Microsoft Team is coming for them
  • When Microsoft care about their system, then everyone will care about this platform.
  • well said here
  • Awesome
  • Yet Slack is available for Windows Phone 8.1 and Microsoft Team is not.
  • WIndows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 have been discontinued so no new apps will be available on those platform starting Aug 30 2015.
  • How many of the Windows phones, currently in use, are using Windows Phone 7, 8, or 8.1?
    I think the vast majority.
  • This changelog is hilarious!
  • Slack's changelogs always are :D
  • Yes, I am amused by it. They do have a sense of humor haha
  • Same goes for their error messages, it tends to put a much more positive spin on when things go wrong and when they fix bugs, very much appreciated.
  • That is a company with personality! I do hope that Slack stays around even after the recent Microsoft Teams announcement.
  • For W8.1??? Nope of course
  • Sorry but win 10 is where the effort is going these days
  • No apps will be developed for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1 after Aug-30-2015. Those platforms have been discontinued for and development and any new features.
    Everyone is working towards Windows 10 so embrace it!
  • Nice meme, Daniel.
  • Who cares? Microsoft Teams is here baby.
  • Well, a lot of people who aren't in a compnay with O365 Biz and up that has decided to roll out Teams. 
  • I'm sure many other people do. I adopted Slack and promoted it for our team communications. There was no MS solution at the time and it's not like I can just moved everyone over just like that. We're kind of invested. I supported the adoption because there was actually a WM app.
  • Lol, just signed up my workplace to Slack today. Definitely still people out there who like Slack!
  • Slack is the next Evernote
  • I 100% care! Slack is definitely in my top five most used apps. Glad to see it improving. Thanks for the W10 mobile support.
  • It actually IS faster. Also, I had a nasty issue uploading photos, but thats all gone now! Thanks, Slack!
  • "Seems faster" update. Should make this a thing :-)
  • What wp? 
  • What?
  • I have no use for slack whatsoever yet I will download it right now based on the change log alone.
  • The devs are hilarious ☺
  • we needs new lumia's '+3x' or +Idol 4S' doesn't sound as good as '+920' in a comment #makelumiagreatagain
  • Time for MS to make a Snapchat like product, might make them take note. Incidentally, Slack team almost deserve buying out, based on their changelog alone. Quality.
  • Lol, slack is still in BETA?
  • Hmm, looks like a bunch of great fixes.
  • The use of slack is very profitable for my company.