Slack beta for Windows Phone grabs minor bug fix as company plans voice and video chat

The Slack app for Windows Phone just picked up a small update tonight to head to build 301. Nothing new is in it as the update follows the rather big February 26 update that re-worked the engine that powers the popular workplace chat app.

According to the company's always entertaining changelog for build 301 "Some bugs snuck in to the previous release. We've wheedled them out again."

The February 26 update was a rather impressive one so it's great to see the company fixing the little things after that update. As always, the company asks for user feedback as the beta app continues to be refined:

"You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to"

Video and voice chat coming in 2016

Speaking of Slack the company today revealed their roadmap for 2016 and they are taking aim at Skype and Google Hangouts. According to TechCrunch's in-depth report:

"… voice chat on desktop will come first, and then the company will focus on making it work on all its devices and apps. Video will have to wait until after that."

This all follows the company's recent acquisition of Screenhero in early 2015, which will provide the base of the technology for Slack's video and voice ambitions.

Slack reportedly has 2.3 million users now up from December's 2 million. You can count all the Mobile Nations sites including Windows Central amongst those users as the real-time chat collaboration tool is the big thing in tech companies and media publications.

Built from the ground up as a combo of IRC, instant messaging and mobile apps Slack is quickly becoming the go-to chat client. Tossing in video and voice chat will surely put a dent into Microsoft's Skype and Google's Hangout applications, which have some overlap in functions for companies these days.

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