Slack for Windows Phone sees its final update

It's time to say goodbye to the Slack app for Windows Phone. As of its most recent update, Slack has confirmed that it will no longer ship updates for Microsoft's slowly withering mobile platform.

In an update shipped out last week, Slack began alerting users to the change, stating (via Windows Latest):

This will be the last version of Slack for Windows Phone. It comes with improvements – like bug fixes and better file handling – and we hope it works for you, as long as you need it.Thanks so much for your support and feedback, and for using Slack.

Slack for Windows Phone never left beta – it still carries the tag (opens in new tab) on the Microsoft Store – but the app was fairly active with bug fix updates over its lifetime. However, given the status of Microsoft's mobile efforts, it's not surprising to see Slack leaving the app to rot on the vine. A number of other high-profile apps have taken the same track in recent months.

As for the future, the Slack app will continue to be available on the Microsoft Store, it just won't receive any more bug fixes or improvements. Should nothing break, the app will continue to work as it currently does. However, any major change on Slack's end – or Microsoft's– could break the app at any time.

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  • Dang, this is a bummer.
  • I would like to say big thanks to Slack team for fully supporting Windows phones for all these years. I am happy to hear that while support has ended, that the app is still in the Store and still working. Slack has a desktop app (albeit system intensive for what it is), and that means that for those who want to stick with Windows, you'll have Slack up-to-date, ready to go, on Microsoft next mobile device (Surface Phone). If MS next device is coming out at the end of the year, I don't expect too much feature miss from those sticking to Windows Phone until then.
  • Agreed! They had such a long run, and unlike so many apps we have seen, they weren't hot and cold.
  • Well said, MBytes. Slack continues to work on Windows Phone now, and if Andromeda comes out before the end of the year as it should, I don't anticipate any lack of mobile usability within the MS ecosystem.
  • What's the Problem for slack in creating a UWP ?
  • Rewrite Electron app that works simultaneously on Windows, Linux and MacOS and powers most of the users to Windows only UWP? At what cost and for what reason?
    While Electron is HTML/CSS/JS and UWP supports this stack, it will still require almost complete rewrite. MS is basically too slow in replacement of W10M phones to comparable devices with W10 on ARM (Surface Phone or similar) and there are no surprise that devs abandon platform.
  • Ah... just great... Knowing Microsoft's track record that will be next patch tuesday when Slack ceases to function for me on my L930. As these "fixes" break the o/s even more. Andromeda can't come soon enough for me. My new job is forcing me to use google docs and google drive as they use it for anything. Also the Voip app they use is only ios and android. It's not the company I work for that solely uses google for almost everything but an entire building of a few hundred people. They won't consider Microsoft Azure but another CDN suchas Stackpath. The building is brand new and it's not filled to capacity. I reckon it can at least hold 600 people judging from the office space layout. Imagine 600, twenty-somethings forced to solely use google for everything. Which will trickle down in their personal use and in the office people are talking about chromebooks and mac books not Surfaces due to the lack of apps. The irony is the mac store is nowhere on par as microsoft store let alone the ios store (but people can't distinguish the two)...
  • Another bites the dust... hey hey...
  • It still works great for now and should last until Andromeda. As a Windows Phone and Slack user, I'm not concerned yet. Of course, if it actually stops working before Andromeda comes out, I'll feel differently. :-)
  • Darn... things are fading !!!
  • Windows Phone (8.x) or Windows 10 Mobile? You think this site, of all places, would make it clear to avoid the kind of misunderstandings that have happened in the past.
  • It was fun to argue about it at the time, but in reality, it was all Windows (8.1/10) Phone.