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A slew of Touch Pro 2 unboxings

A favorite pastime of us phone nerds is to gather around a phone in a box ... and take it out. And record ourselves doing it for posterity. And after the break, a quick roundup of some HTC Touch Pro 2 unboxings and some hands-on time. (You can read Dieter's hands-on from Mobile World Congress.)

Remember that this is the unbranded, European version of the Touch Pro 2, so design is likely to vary slightly (Verizon and T-Mobile), or greatly (Sprint) when it's released by the U.S. carriers. (And we're still looking for AT&T shots that aren't renders. If you've got 'em, send 'em!)

So without further ado, unboxings from Mobile Tech Addicts, Tracy and Matt and Pocketnow.

Mobile Tech Addicts

Tracy and Matt


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  • That looks simply gorgeous. I'm not due for an upgrade from my Touch Pro until January....can't wait!
  • I went with the treo pro instead, due to the updated browser and the fact that I didnt like the layout on the Touch pros front layout. However when the touch pro 2 drops on Sprint, ill gladly pay full price for that upgrade.
  • I am in same position and view as LT above. I like my Treo Pro but find the Touch Pro 2 compelling.
  • The second this comes to the US I am getting one. If I can't work out a deal with T-Mobile for a cheaper price (they are usually pretty good about those things) I will have to just pay full price. This phone just looks to good.