Sling TV revamps its Xbox One app with a new interface and more

Sling TV, Dish Network's internet-based television service, launched on the Xbox One in March. Now, the company has revamped its Xbox One app with a new a new interface for its channel guide and some other additional features.

Sling TV says:

"While viewing the mini guide, click "up" on the Xbox One controller. The mini guide will move to the top of screen and you will see the schedule and all VOD content available for that specific channel. This makes it easier to catch up on the last episode of your favorite show or binge watch an entire series.""You will also see program details now available immediately below the program image. Speaking of images, we've worked hard to get you enhanced cast, crew, season and episode artwork. You will continue to see more imagery and data to help you quickly find something great to watch."

In addition, Sling TV says it has made a number of improvements to the Xbox One app's stability and streaming features, along with some bug fixes. Look for Windows Central to review the new Sling TV Xbox One app sometime next week.

Source: Sling TV{.nofollow}; Via: Microsoft News

John Callaham
  • Love the service itself, hate the original UX. It's choppy and slow. Hopefully this fixes it like it alludes to. Also waiting on a solid Windows 10 universal app. Using the regular application on a tablet is OK, but not the easiest thing when compared to the iOS or android versions.
  • I've been using it all morning. Waaaay better performance (no choppiness, sudden loss of stream). Looking good. We'll take a closer look next week as I'm looking to ditch cable.
  • I did it (cut cable), have been doing it for the last 8 months or so. Sports was my big hang up. Sling fills the void nicely with ESPN. Outstanding service, easy to make changes on the web, and if you have to call them they are nothing but pleasant.
  • Yeah, I need Fox Sports 1 for UFC, lol. Only thing keeping me.
  • Does this app have the capabilities to "binge watch" shows from AMC such as Walking Dead and Better Call Saul when they are available? I had Sling TV awhile back (free month) and don't remember seeing this as an option. It seemed like only Live TV was available.
  • Only if those networks allow the on demand part. Some shows are there for on demand, others are not.
  • Oh. That blows. I would imagine AMC wants their viewers live only for the damned commercials. I don't do commercials very well.
  • We got rid of DirecTV ($90 per month), now we have Sling, Netflix, and Prime, over-the-air antennas, and it's worked out nicely.
  • Is the new UI still conducive to gesture navigation via Kinect? I remember the launch version of Sling worked quite well with Kinect gestures. I've been thinking of picking it up, especially now that Netflix and Hulu both dropped gesture navigation. If Sling is like Amazon Instant Video and Xbox Video (I mean, Movies & TV) and is still solid with gesture navigations, I think I'll sign up.
  • Hopefully it is as stable as the PC app, xbox one app suffers from loading and lag after about 10-15 minutes of pretty good performance, then the loadnig circle comes on for about 5-10 seconds, then the picture comes back for a few seconds then back to the loading circle, rinse and repeat.  Quitting the app completely would solve it for another 10-15 minutes.    Had to switch to the PC app to use instead of xbox one. 
  • Oh boy! Didn't even know that Dish stream Azteca Channel (An so obvious Mexican TV Channel) to the US! I hope they stream the channel as it is so you can laugh the same.
  • Waiting for a WP app...
  • Wish they had msnbc and FX .
  • Well guess its getting better. Instead of the big circle loading and booting me out of the slingtv app it now loads and loads while voices continue on with conversation and picture is frozen without booting out of app.
    Progress my friends, progress.
    Don't know if its their servers but wanna see what happens during a big ESPN game.
  • Cut the cord about 3-4 ago... Using Commercial Free Hulu+ w/Showtime, Amazon Prime, Netflix, CBS AllAccess & OTA Antenna. Thought Sling would complete the package but so far extremely disappointed... Unable to pause live TV on MOST channels, very limited OnDemand options, unstable stream w/no option for multiple streams at once, worst HBO experience EVER, horrible to nonexistent customer service, total connection loss for EVERY major event premier. I think I'm dumping the service and just buying the seasons of shows that I want on Amazon. Everybody would be smart to consider this... At least until Sling gets their shit together.
  • This is good news. It was terrible trying to stream the NBA playoffs, while it works fine on my firetv. Unfortunately I got cable again so I don't use sling any more, but I'm sure I'll cut it again, and get back with sling
  • Tempting since ive been testing the new tunlr service
  • Wish they would give us another trial if the app has really changed...  I'm sure I could just create another random account but I don't like to do that, feels wasteful, haha.