Sling TV revamps its Xbox One app with a new interface and more

Sling TV, Dish Network's internet-based television service, launched on the Xbox One in March. Now, the company has revamped its Xbox One app with a new a new interface for its channel guide and some other additional features.

Sling TV says:

"While viewing the mini guide, click "up" on the Xbox One controller. The mini guide will move to the top of screen and you will see the schedule and all VOD content available for that specific channel. This makes it easier to catch up on the last episode of your favorite show or binge watch an entire series.""You will also see program details now available immediately below the program image. Speaking of images, we've worked hard to get you enhanced cast, crew, season and episode artwork. You will continue to see more imagery and data to help you quickly find something great to watch."

In addition, Sling TV says it has made a number of improvements to the Xbox One app's stability and streaming features, along with some bug fixes. Look for Windows Central to review the new Sling TV Xbox One app sometime next week.

Source: Sling TV{.nofollow}; Via: Microsoft News

John Callaham