SmartThings launches Windows Phone 8.1 app for controlling connected home devices

SmartThings, the connected home hardware maker, has announced the launch of its Windows Phone 8.1 app that can be used to control its many devices via the SmartThings Hub

Here's a quick bullet point list of the features in the app, which is exclusive to Windows Phone 8.1:

  • Receive notifications when people, pets, and cars arrive and leave
  • Know when doors, drawers, and valuable items open, close, or move
  • Set your lights to turn on or off when you come, go, or when different things happen
  • Trigger window A/C or space heaters to turn on when you leave work
  • Turn on a light or TV in response to motion at night
  • Use your smartphone to automatically perform actions based upon your location
  • Monitor and control your energy use

Do you own any SmartThings products and if so how do you feel about the company adding Windows Phone support?

QR: Smartthings

John Callaham