Smite for Xbox One snags new god, refer a friend system, and much more

Free-to-play Xbox One MOBA Smite has picked up another rather large patch that brings a ton of stuff to look forward to. In the latest patch, Smite players will, as usual, get access to some new gods skins and voice packs, along with a new god and much more. The changelog is absolutely massive, so here are some of the highlights of the systems changes and additions coming in this patch:

  • Refer a friend is now available on the Xbox One.
    • Earn bonus favor, boosters, and gems when you refer friends and play with them while in a party.
    • Refer friends and play with them to receive the Triumph and Agni exclusive skin.
    • Refer several friends and unlock the Sockpuppetyr skin when they reach player level 15.
  • Redesigned main menu and news panel.
    • The main menu has been updated to be a tile based grid.
    • Scrolling feature panel will keep players informed of the newest content.
    • News section has been added. Go here to view patch notes and for other important updates.
  • Improved performance
    • Further refinements and optimization techniques have been implemented to mitigate dips in frame rate.
    • There is ongoing to support to efficiently optimize performance for each god.
  • Game HUD additions
    • Players will now be able to view the mana cost of their abilities on the main game HUD.
    • The mana bar will now display the potential usage amount of an ability while the targeted is out.
    • The health and mana bars contain HP5 and MP5 values.
    • Unusable VGS items will appear grey in the menus.
  • New Xbox Achievements
    • Earn achievements for winning each match type.
    • God specific achievements added for Guan Yu, Neith, Ymir, Thor, and Ra.
  • Misc.
    • Muting players will also mute their VGS commands.
    • Pick and choose your global emote on the profile page.
    • Modified Ratatoskr camera angle so he can look down for his ultimate
    • Acquisitions and awards notifications are now displayed in the End of Match Lobby
    • Warning message provided if user attempts to surrender prior to 10 minutes have passed (no one should be trying this…..)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issues in which players were unable to use the in game chat (voice).
  • Known Issues
    • We have temporarily turned off the spectating mode to address technical issues.

In addition to all of the above, there's a new god to look forward to in Sol. As you could guess, this god is based around fiery solar powers like Stellar Burst and Supernova. There are also a ton of new skins, emotes, and voice packs, all of which you can check out in the full patch notes at the link below.

Source: Smite

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