Snag free albums from 2 Chainz, Halsey, Gwen Stefani and more on the Windows Store

Microsoft is once again offering some free albums for anyone to download (opens in new tab). For today only (if you live in the U.S.), you can pick up a collection of 5 albums from artists like 2 Chainz and Halsey for completely free at the Windows Store.

Here's a look at the five free albums:

While Microsoft says that these are only available for those in the U.S., a number of people managed to grab the holiday albums that were available for free last week by manually switching to the U.S. Windows Store. Keep in mind that these albums are only set to be available for free through 11:59 p.m. tonight, December 9.

Cheers, Greg!

See at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Worth to mention that at least two albums (Halsey and James Bay) are their complete, deluxe editions. Good deal even if some of the offers aren't really new (I've got Halsey's album for $.99 on the sale last week). EDIT: Oh and there's a $.99 holiday sale with some recent Christmas albums. It won't be highlighted in the store until the Free Album Friday offer is gone but it's listed in the Windows blog.
  • Downloading 😊
  • seems like they have a few genres covered, which is cool.....
  • Downloading in portugal xD
  • Feeling like a criminal 😂
  • As long as you're a smooth one, your're good! :) MJ, the best!!!
  • Now they need to start doing "Free Movie Friday" :P
  • Free Flick Friday Got them all, chaos and the calm was given away last year too, but I think this time it has an adicional digital disk. (had to comment on galaxy s7 because I've been unable to comment on desktop uwp app for months)
  • Before anyone asks, this is working in India too. This is actually weird. I tried to buy one song in USD on my card and it didn't let me. Now it's free and it's okay? Isn't the background code supposed to be the same. Only the price has changed. Whatever though, this reminded me of the Nokia Music days. Unlimited downloads.
  • No thank you.
  • I just got them for free even though I'm in New Mexico. ;)
  • I managed to "buy" and I live in Brazil...😂
  • Cheers, Greg!
  • I just went to the link on webpage and tapped on free. No need to change region!
  • Got them in Australia. Did not change the region. Website did say "en-us" though in the address. It usually redirects to en-au.
  • But do I already get these albums with the grove music pass? If so, no point downloading other than if someone really likes the artist/album.
  • 1:39 am pacific time, I was still able to claim them for free. I wonder if this is so people in Hawaii can get it before midnight.
  • I couldn't find this at all yesterday.
  • Halsey is great!!!!!!!