SnakeByte Charge Tower Xbox One review: Promising ideas but flawed execution

Does this controller charger and game storage system deserves a space in your Xbox One setup?

Between your Xbox One console, games, and various accessories, it's a challenge to keep your setup clean. Multi-purpose storage solutions are an ideal way to tackle this by consolidating your setup with some additional features. SnakeByte's "Charge Tower" range promises comparable functionality and while its charging features leave much to be desired, it's still a sleek space-efficient product. Read on for our full review.

What you'll love about the SnakeByte Charge Tower

The SnakeByte Charge Tower draws clear influence from the original 2013 Xbox One, starring a similar amalgamation of glossy and matte surfaces crowned with a textured top. Its simple assembly only requires four sides to click together, still resulting in a robust and stable design. Paired with its considerable weight, the underbelly features four rubberized feet for traction on most surfaces. It may not feel truly "premium," but still delivers on its $28.99 asking price.

Up to 15 Xbox One games can be stored inside the SnakeByte Charge Tower, which all sit parallel in dedicated trays. Similar sizing casings like Blu-rays discs can be accommodated, while Xbox 360 and DVD casings are slightly too long. While digital sees continual growth worldwide, this is a neat storage option for those still deep in a disc-based ecosystem. Just below your games, two USB ports can also be found for connecting and charging peripherals.

For a further $11, the "SnakeByte Charge Tower Pro" features a wireless charging dock with space for two Xbox One controllers. While the stand is compatible with all official controllers, the two special battery doors equipped with 600mAh rechargeable battery packs must be used. An LED charging indicator is also integrated, which cycles between red and green once fully charged.

What you'll dislike about the SnakeByte Charge Tower

While the SnakeByte Charge Tower range features considerable functionality on paper, its execution has some flaws. Several cutbacks have seemingly been made to reduce its price point, falling short of some similarly valued products.

Many of the issues stem from its integrated controller charging present on the Charge Tower Pro. While it's capable of charging two controllers simultaneously, they'll be awkwardly positioned with upward-facing grips. Despite the stands sturdy build, balancing the controllers this way leaves susceptible to falling or misaligning. For budget charging accessories, we recommend checking out the AmazonBasics Xbox One range.

The Charge Tower Pro's charging capabilities are presented as an afterthought and don't feel integral to the product. Buyers are provided with velcro strips to fasten the charging cradle and plastic clips to hide surplus cables, closely resembling cheap IKEA furniture over an all-inclusive unit.

Lastly, despite being a core feature of both stands, neither unit ships with a required Micro USB cable. These aren't expensive but should be considered when purchasing. The USB ports also fail to meet the USB 3.0 requirement for external hard drives, regardless of the cable used.

Charged up and packed away

The SnakeByte Charge Tower for Xbox One is currently available for $28.99 on Amazon, which includes storage for 15 games and two USB ports. The Charge Tower Pro variant costs $39.99, featuring the same storage and USB functionality, alongside two controller charging cradles. Have you used SnakeByte's charging range? Drop into the comments section below with your thoughts.

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