Snakebyte Head:Set X review: A palm-sized Xbox headset packing big audio

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Snakebyte make an increasingly high-quality array of third-party accessories for Xbox One. I was particularly impressed by the company's Twin:Charge X battery-charging docking station for Xbox One, which brings some form and function to your play space. Having reviewed so many headsets for Xbox One, I was notably sceptical to hear Snakebyte was bringing a new line of headsets to the market, licensed for Xbox One. Right from the unboxing, I found myself pleasantly surprised, but it's the sound quality that really left a big impression.

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What you'll love about the Head:Set X

The Snakebyte Head:Set X is impressive for two reasons. First, it costs just around $18, second, it sounds incredibly impressive for this price point. 40mm neodymium drivers pack a surprising punch with crystal clear distinction between the major sound frequencies.

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Speakers40mm neodymium
Cable3.5mm connector, 1.2m cable
MicRemovable boom mic
FeaturesFolding design, in-line mic controls
Availability"July 2018"

I typically use Battlefield 1 as a go-to for testing video game audio, and the Head:Set X made easy work of providing an immersive soundstage, elevated further with Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos' virtual surround sound processing.

Even with straight stereo I found this headset to be particularly impressive for distortion-free, crisp sound, clear on the highs and punch on the bass notes. I went a little further and tested it out for music as well, and again came away impressed. For $18, this headset packs a punch.

The design is also quite appealing. The earcups fold up and nestle into the headband. When it's packed up, it can fit into the palm of your hand, and is quite easily stored with a large degree of adjustability. The mic is also detachable, and given its subtle design, I'd feel more than comfortable wearing this out and about for use gaming or listening to music while mobile. There isn't a huge amount of cushioning on the headband at the top, but it's so light it isn't really necessary. The headband also has a snake skin-like pattern across the top, which is a nice nod to Snakebyte's brand name.

What you'll dislike about the Head:Set X

My only real gripe with this headset pertains to the size of the ear cups, which are very small. I tend to prefer an over-ear design, so this might be a bit of a subjective issue, but the materials used by Snakebyte aren't the most comfortable given the fact they want you to wear them on your ears, rather than over them.

The foam also doesn't isolate sound very well, so if you planned to use this headset for music as well as gaming while out and about, you may be sharing your music with those in the local vicinity unless you keep the volume down.

Final Thoughts

The Snakebyte Head:Set X is a truly admirable stereo headset given that it's just $18. It's light, comfortable, and petite, complimented with a folding design that makes storage easy. The sound quality exceeds expectations, and the product is well constructed with solid materials.

The ear cups could be a little more comfortable, but if you want a cheap and cheerful headset with uncompromised sound quality, look no further.

As of writing, we only have a vague "July 2018" release date for the Snakebyte Head:Set X, we'll be sure to update this piece with availability information as soon as we get it.

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