Snap Quiz Challenge is an exhausting game of trivia

Snap Quiz Challenge is a fast-paced trivia game for Windows 10 where you face a broad range of questions with only five seconds to answer each. Questions range in difficulty from the no-brainers to the headscratchers. Points earned for each question are based on how quickly you answer correctly and one wrong answer ends the game.

Graphics are minimal, the pace of the game can be exhausting, but overall Snap Quiz Challenge is a fun Windows 10 game to spend a little down time with. The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

The primary menu for Snap Quiz Challenge comes across a little on the extravagant side by its appearance but is rather modest with its options. You can jump into gameplay, mute the sound, view your high score and achievements and purchase unlimited power-ups via in-app purchase.

Snap Quiz Challenge delivers a broad range of questions from eleven categories of questions. These categories include music, video games, movies, math, literature, science, art, sports, writers, quotes and general knowledge. When you tap to play, a colored piece of tissue paper covers the screen and a second later, the first question appears.

You have five seconds to answer the multiple-choice question and if answered correctly, points are awarded based on the time left on the clock and you move to the next question. Questions include the likes of "What was the pseudonym of Cassius Clay?" and "What is the closest planet to Earth?". There are also mathematical questions that may make you feel the urge to find a calculator and visual questions where you have to identify objects, logos and such.

Should you stumble upon a question you have no clue as to the answer and do not want to jeopardize your score with a guess, Snap Quiz Challenge does have a skip button at the bottom of the question screen. Skips are earned during gameplay and Snap Quiz Challenge provides you with three from the get go.

The goal of Snap Quiz Challenge is to score as many points as possible by answering as many questions as possible. One incorrect answer and the game ends, where you have the option of using a power-up to double your time on the next question (the first one of your next game). You can opt to purchase unlimited power-ups ($1.99) from the main menu or endure a 30-second video to avoid the in-app purchase.

There is a slight addictive quality to Snap Quiz Challenge that can turn a few minutes with the game into several minutes. The Windows 10 game does not indicate the correct answer when you choose the wrong that adds to the challenge. Questions do repeat, but not often enough where the game becomes boring. Some of the questions may seem unfair, while others bring a smile to your face because you know the answer before the choices appear.

I would have liked to have seen a more competitive angle with Snap Quiz Challenge beyond besting your own score. The Windows Store description notes Google Play Leaderboards and sharing of scores, but I do not believe those features are active with the Windows 10 version of the game. If those features are present, they are well hidden (or I'm blind as a bat).

The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and overall, Snap Quiz Challenge is an entertaining and challenging Windows 10 trivia game. It delivers tough questions, some you may know and some you may learn from, and a good choice if you need a game to waste time with.

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