Snapdeal speeds up checkout time with latest Windows Phone update

The popular India-based retailer Snapdeal has updated their Windows Phone app with some new features. The biggest one is a way to speed up the checkout process.

Here's what's included in the new version:

  • Pay with a common account across Freecharge & Snapdeal
  • Checkout in under 10 seconds with saved cards and addresses
  • Earn rewards on shopping

Thanks to Prasanna for the tip!

Download Snapdeal from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: Snapdeal

John Callaham
  • The app still loads very slowly on low end devices.. But not unusable..
  • app is very slow . cant even easily navigete and it take so much time . but site is working good . some improvement nened. please visit,  
  • They have made it look like the flipkart app for WP.
  • Snap... Almost chat.
  • Lol it almost had me.
  • Oohhhhh :D
  • Quick question : Should I wait for windows 10 phone launch(for eternity) or should i buy one plus 2????
  • If you want a good phone buy one plus 2.
  • Get oneplus2 If u quickly wanna get a useful phone else go,for windows phone that would be useful for u with Cortana helping u to find water when u get to mars
  • @Ted Mosby, it's apparent your mind is already made up.
  • Are an architect..? :P
  • Neither would be available right now. Windows
    10 mobile comes in November and by the look of how one plus is handling the invite system, your one plus 2 would also reach you by the time of November :p
  • Beehive