FilmOn TV

Yesterday, we reported on a FilmOn TV app for Windows Phone 8 arriving in the coming weeks. The app is based off of the FilmOn streaming site of the same name (, and it allows users to stream local network TV, in addition to online channels, right to their PC or phone. Up until now, we haven’t had an app for Windows Phone 8, but that is about to change.

FilmOn TV is in an open beta (though you need to register to sign up) and it should be available in the near future as some final bugs and quality testing takes place.

The app, made by developers Charaf Hormi (@charafhormi) and Yassine Serhane (@theLoukt), whom are both Nokia Developer Champions, is highly reflective of the website streaming abilities and so far, looks great. You can see the app in action in our video tour to see what it’s all about.

With the ability to stream FOX, ABC, CBS and other local affiliates, in addition to accessing your free FilmOn TV account, the FilmOn TV app for Windows Phone should be a hit for commuters. Users also have the ability to pin individual stations to their Start screen and even check the TV schedule.

We’ll pass on when FilmOn goes live for general Windows Phone users, but for now, you can enjoy the tour and screenshots.