2001's 'Snood Advance' lands on Xbox and PC as a fantastic port from the Game Boy Advance

Snood Advanced Xbox
Snood Advanced Xbox (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Snood Advance has been ported to Xbox and Windows 10.
  • The 2001 game was original on the Game Boy Advance.
  • It follows the original port of Snood a few months back.

A few months back, I posted about the original game Snood coming to the Xbox and PC. If you have never heard of Snood, that's OK as it just means you're probably young. The game is based on Puzzle Bobble (1994) and went to win a 2004 Shareware Industry Award and has been one of the most popular timewasters since Solitaire.

Now, its successor Snood Advance has taken the same path. Released in 2001, this version of the game lived on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance system, which was itself a wild ride for portable gaming. The company behind the came has now ported it to the Xbox One, PCs, and even Windows Phone (yes, technically). With ARM64 support, it works on the Surface Pro X, Galaxy Book S and any Windows 10 on ARM device too.

Snood Advance

Source: Snood (Image credit: Source: Snood)

From the game's description:

David Dobson's puzzle classic Snood and its cast of mischievous characters have become an international phenomenon among gamers. Now, millions of downloads later, the Snoods are back based on the popular Snood for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance system, with the same brilliant graphics, characters, boards, time attack feature, and more of the same all-ages fun that made this classic video game challenge a hit from California to Maine and from Iceland to Australia.Launch disembodied heads (Snoods) upward and attempt to free matching Snoods trapped above! Connect three or more Snoods and they transport away. If they reach the bottom, try again because the game is over! There's no time limit, so you can play this fun-filled strategy/puzzle game as quickly or as patiently as you wish. Meet Jake, Zod, Geji, and their friends again or for the first time and discover what Snood Addicts worldwide already know: There is nothing in the world quite like Snood!

If none of that sounds exciting, that's fine. Just find some Gen X'er who grew up in the 1990s about Snood and Snood Advance you'll probably see a rush of nostalgia rush before their eyes. It's a fun game, part of the classic simpler "time wasters" that we all used to play on our PCs and Game Boys.

I'm one of those old people so I've been having fun with this for the last week and I'm sure others will rejoice too.

Snood Advance regularly goes for $20, but it's basically on permanent sale for just $8. If the idea of reliving the aughts is playing classic puzzlers on your Xbox One X with a 65-inch 4K TV, then today is your day. Either way, it's pretty rad to see a Game Boy Advance come to the Xbox and PC. Maybe more studios will follow?


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