Project xCloud is coming to Android, but what about iOS and Windows PCs?

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Project xCloud Xbox Game Streaming is almost here, with public trials now rolling out to the UK, U.S., and South Korea. However, the closed beta tests are currently available only on Android. What's the status of it hitting other platforms? Here's what we know so far.

Will Project xCloud hit iOS for iPad and iPhones, and Windows PCs?

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The short answer is yes. To speculate, the reason it hasn't arrived thus far is that Android is more of an open platform, making it easier to test and deploy at scale. Scale is important, too. Apple's iOS mobile platform might have a large following in the U.S., but globally, it represents less than 20% of the overall smartphone market.

The addressable audience for Android is far, far, far higher. iOS also has some limitations on how its beta tests work, which put further restrictions on Microsoft's ability to test at scale.

Although they didn't want to mention iOS specifically, a Microsoft spokesperson provided us with this statement regarding other platforms.

We're excited about partnering with Android partners in the early phases of our public preview and are working closely with others in the industry to bring game streaming to a wide variety of devices with a screen and internet connection. We'll have more to share about bringing Project xCloud to other platforms at a later date.

Project xCloud is a natural fit for basically any device with a screen, an internet connection, and some form of connectivity for the controller. Future versions won't even need a controller, and will simply utilize on-screen touch controls, as is the case with the upcoming foldable Surface Duo.

With Project xCloud eventually hitting Windows PCs (and we've seen early versions of it), Microsoft will enable a huge variety of low-powered devices the ability to play AAA contemporary games, far beyond the capabilities of lower-end chips. For devices like the upcoming ARM-based Surface Pro X, this could be a big deal.

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So, when will Project xCloud come to other devices?

All we have to go on right now really is Microsoft's statement, "at a later date." The current trials are extremely limited, specifically to Android users in the U.S., UK, and South Korea. You can sign up for a chance to test it over here.

Realistically speaking, I reckon Microsoft is aiming to have Project xCloud available to a broad Android testbed by the end of 2019, possibly pushing iOS tests out into 2020. That is pure speculation, however. Microsoft may surprise us, and we will update this section as soon as we know something more concrete.

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