Bing Image Creator's biggest flaw may soon be fixed by Microsoft

Bing AI image of a robot stopping a person from using the computer
Bing AI image of a robot stopping a person from using the computer (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently integrated DALL-E 3 into Bing Image Creator, which allows the tool to make realistic images and a wide range of artwork by following simple prompts.
  • Shortly after DALL-E 3 integration launched, Microsoft rolled out increased censorship on the tool, going as far as to restrict content made by its own "random" image generator prompts.
  • Microsoft is looking into improving its moderation system of Bing Image Creator, according to Mikhail Parakhin, who now leads the Windows and Web Experiences Team at the company.

Bing Image Creator integrated with DALL-E 3 recently, greatly enhancing the tool's ability to generate realistic images and to listen to prompts. The image creation tool gained some buzz around the web in the form of a wave of interest, but then increased censorship limited the tool. Our Managing Editor Jez Corden said that "Bing Dall-E 3 image creation was great for a few days, but now Microsoft has predictably lobotomized it." He wasn't alone in his complaints, and Microsoft has now said that it will look into improving moderation of Bing Image Creator.

Some level of control is important for software like Bing Image Creator powered by DALL-E 3. It's not just about if the tool can be used to create offensive images, as there's debate regarding where the line on that sort of thing is. It's also about limiting if the tool can be used to make illegal content or misleading information that appears genuine. But in the eyes of most people, Bing took things a bit too far with its censorship of DALL-E 3 generated content.

Mikhail Parakhin, who now leads Microsoft's new Windows and Web Experiences Team following the departure of Panos Panay, was asked about moderation of Bing Image Creator. Parakhin shared that Microsoft wants to improve the moderation system of the tool.

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AI is a technology that develops quickly, often faster than guidelines and laws surrounding it. When DALL-E 3 integration rolled out, Microsoft was overwhelmed by the interest in the tool. Some used Bing Image Creator to make funny photos and graphics for social media. Others used it to make images of "Mickey Mouse causing 9/11." Microsoft appears to have dial things back as it puts guardrails into place.

The company will likely find some middle ground between allowing copywritten or offensive content and restricting a user requesting "a cat with a cowboy hat and boots," which was blocked for some reason.

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