Microsoft just added another way to share Bing Chat messages

New Bing on Microsoft Edge
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What you need to know

  • Bing Chat has an improved copy and paste experience that makes it easier to share messages from conversations.
  • You can save messages as PDFs, text files, or Word documents.
  • Microsoft has announced several new features for Bing Chat recently, including an improved share experience, support for chat history, and plug-in support.

Microsoft shared some major updates to Bing Chat earlier this month, some of which are already live. But the company is also rolling out some smaller changes that improve the overall experience of the chatbot. The copy and paste experience for sharing conversations now includes a tool tip that presents all of your options.

Jordi Ribas, Microsoft CVP and Head of Engineering and Product for Bing shared the news on Twitter as well as a screenshot showing the new options.

"We recently upgraded Bing Chat with export and share features," said Ribas. "We’ve also improved the copy and paste experience. Below is an example of the tool tip which includes copy, download and share with download to PDF in action. Stay tuned for more export options."

Bing Chat sharing options

Bing Chat now allows you to copy and paste your conversations or save them as PDFs, text files, or Word documents. (Image credit: Jordi Ribas via Twitter)

In addition to letting you copy an entire answer for sharing, you can download a message from Bing Chat as a PDF, text file, or Word document.

Windows Central take: A good time for Bing

Microsoft has announced several changes to Bing Chat, including support for chat history, plug-in support, and a better sharing experience. The company also announced that a Microsoft account is no longer required to use the chatbot, though unauthenticated chats are limited to five turns per session.

AI compose mode within SwiftKey, which is built on Bing Chat tech, is gaining the ability to compose messages with AI. The smartphone keyboard already supported rephrasing messages in different tones, but it will soon be able to craft entirely new messages based on a prompt.

Overall, it's an exciting time for Bing Chat users. Microsoft is clearly investing heavily in the platform and looking for ways to integrate AI into a wide range of services.

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