Fences 5 update will turn your Windows 11 desktop into a chameleon

Fences 5 Chameleon feature
(Image credit: Stardock)

What you need to know

  • Stardock just released an update to Fences 5 that adds the option to blend desktop icons into the background.
  • You can now toggle the Peek feature in Fences 5 within the Taskbar following the update.
  • Fences 5 is available in Release Preview and is discounted to $8.99 while in preview.

If you can't decide between hiding your desktop icons or showing them on Windows, Stardock may have a solution for you. The latest update to Fences 5 adds a Chameleon feature that lets you blend your desktop into the background. Files, folders, and apps all remain accessible on the desktop, but they are partially transparent. The result is a look that looks a bit like how macOS treats widgets.

The update to Fences 5, which is currently in Release Preview, also adds a toggle to quick access content through the Peek functionality, which allows you to bring up fences over your other applications. You can also access Peek through a Taskbar hot corner.

Here are all the highlights of the update from Stardock:

  • Chameleon allows you to elegantly blend your desktop content into your wallpaper to reduce desktop distractions while maintaining quick access to your files, folders, and apps. 
  • With a wide range of options like mouseover-highlight and more, Chameleon can be customized to your exact specifications
  • Peek toggle on the taskbar enables quick access to the patented Peek(tm) functionality making it even easier to stay in your workflow. 
  • Taskbar hot corner provides flexibility for accessing Peek with new control options from the taskbar. 
  • Advanced deployment tooling designed for the enterprise simplifies fleet management with the ability to easily export a configuration and load on login. 
  • Enhancements to the Fences engine to improve performance. 

Stardock has had a busy November. Earlier this month, the company released an update to Start11. That app already created the best Start menu on Windows in my opinion, but the update added some handy options, including three new Start menu styles and the option to round corners in the Taskbar.

Moving back to Fences 5, the app normally costs $9.99, but while the latest update is in Release Preview, Fences 5 costs $8.99.

Fences 5 | $9.99 at Stardock ($8.99 while in preview)

Fences 5 | $9.99 at Stardock ($8.99 while in preview)

This application lets you organize files and folders that live on your desktop. It also supports Peek, which lets you instantly access files, folders, and apps through a shortcut. The latest addition to the app, Chameleon, fades desktop icons with your background to reduce distraction.

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