Microsoft Edge is making it easier to continue conversations with Bing Chat

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge Dev just received an update that brings the browser to version 114.0.1788.0.
  • Bing Chat conversations can now open in the Side Panel automatically in the Discover section.
  • The update also includes several fixes, including one that addresses a bug that can cause PDF viewer to crash.

Microsoft just shipped an update to Edge Dev that adds a couple of new features to the browser. Following the update, Bing chat conversations will open automatically in the Side Panel in the Discover section. It also adds a new policy that can be used to disable the Read Aloud feature for enterprise users.

The new option for the Side Panel will open a Bing Chat conversation when you open a link from a response generated by Bing Chat. This makes it a bit easier to continue your query, even after navigating to a new webpage. The new feature is optional and can be turned off through Edge's settings.

Here's everything that's new for Edge Dev as well as the fixes and improvements, as shared by Microsoft:

Edge Build 114.0.1788.0: Added features

  • Added Automatically open Bing chat conversation in the side [panel] in the Discover [section].
  • Enterprise:
    • New policy: (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
      • Added policy to disable Read Aloud feature.

Edge Build 114.0.1788.0: Improved reliability

  • Fixed browser crash when uninstalling certain extensions.
  • Fixed PDF viewer crashing.
  • Browser crash when launching PWA.
  • Fixed can’t open PWA after updating the browser.
  • macOS:
    • Fixed browser crash when clicking on Send feedback.
  • Linux:
    • Fixed browser crash when clicking on Send feedback.
  • Android:
    • Fixed browser crash after clearing the browser history.

Edge Build 114.0.1788.0: Changed behavior

  • Fixed Diagnostic data showing a blank dialog when clicking on diagnostic data link in Send Feedback.
  • Enterprise:
    • Added prompt to download only for .ics and .mobileconfig files on iOS and Android.
    • Fixed unable to load pages when using a VPN in certain scenarios on iOS and Android.
    • Users now can turn off always show sidebar if sidebar is enabled by policy.
Microsoft Edge Dev

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There are several Insider versions of Edge to choose from. Edge Dev sits in the middle between Beta and Canary, so you get new features to test with a bit more stability.

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