Microsoft Edge Workspaces are out of preview and ready to help you organize your tabs

Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft just shipped a new version of Edge that includes support for Workspaces.
  • Workspaces allow users to organize sets of tabs and favorites within a browser that then stay in sync for a group of collaborators.
  • Edge Workspaces requires an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant and Edge version 114 or greater.

Microsoft just released an update for Edge that brings the browser to version 114.0.1823.37. Following the update, the browser now works with Workspaces. That feature makes it easier to keep track of links and websites that are important to a group of people.

Workspaces allow you to organize tabs and links within the browser. It's designed to streamline sharing content across the web by keeping a list of relevant websites up to date. Each individual Workspace can have a set of tabs and favorites that are saved automatically and that can be managed by a group of collaborators.

Microsoft has been working on Workspaces for a while as they were in public preview. At Build 2023, the company shared that Workspaces would become generally available over the coming months. It turns out that no one had to wait months to try out the new feature, as it's now available just a couple of weeks after Build.

The change log for Microsoft Edge version 114.1823.37 only includes a single new feature:

  • Microsoft Edge Workspaces. Edge Workspaces provides a way for customers to organize their browsing tasks into dedicated windows. Edge Workspaces lets users share a set of browser tabs so working groups can view the same websites and latest working files in one place and stay on the same page. Each Edge Workspace contains its own set of tabs and favorites, all created and curated by the user and their collaborators. Edge Workspaces are automatically saved and kept up to date. For more information, see Microsoft Edge Workspaces.

The update also includes security updates for the Chromium project and the following Edge-specific updates (links navigate to Microsoft security pages):

In order to use Workspaces, you need to have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant and be Edge version 114 or greater.

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