Microsoft has a new version of Outlook for Android in the works

Microsoft Outlook on Android
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft appears to be working on a new version of Outlook for Android.
  • An Outlook Lite app has been available for a while in certain regions, but Microsoft may have plans to roll it out to a broader audience.
  • The app is currently limited to one account type, but it seems to run more smoothly than the existing Outlook app on Android.

A new version of Microsoft Outlook may be on the way to Android. A report by Dr Windows shows off a new version of Outlook for Android and shares some details. While the app could eventually replace the current Outlook application, as Dr Windows speculates, there's also a chance that it will run parallel to the current Outlook. It's fairly standard for companies to have a fully-fledged app and a lightweight version available.

Microsoft has had a lite version of Outlook for some time now, but it has been limited to certain regions up to this point. Dr Windows speculates that Microsoft may have plans to roll out Outlook Lite as a new version of Outlook to a broader audience. The Microsoft 365 roadmap as an entry about an "Outlook Lite for Android."

"An Android app that brings the main benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network," states the roadmap entry.

Dr Windows shared some screenshots of the new version of Outlook, and we have downloaded the app ourselves. It appears to be what you'd expect from a lite version of Outlook. It runs smoothly and has a similar feature set to the regular version of Outlook, but it has some limitations. The primary being that this version of Outlook is restricted to a single account type.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap for Outlook Lite for Android has a scheduled release date of July 2022, but that is subject to change. Dates on the roadmap are not hard goals.

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