Microsoft simplifies Clipchamp pricing structure with single overall cheaper tier

Clipchamp Lead
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has updated the pricing structure for Clipchamp subscriptions.
  • It has reduced its paid tiers to a single one with all premium benefits.
  • The new single tier costs $12 a month, or $99 a year.

Microsoft has announced substantial changes to the subscription model in its web-based video editor Clipchamp, reducing its paid tiers to just one and lowering the price of many premium features as a result. Originally, Clipchamp's premium tiers were priced at $9, $19, and $39, with the $39 offering the most premium features.

Now, there's a single $11.99 tier that includes all the premium features that spanned across the three original ones. The new plan is called "Essentials," and includes premium effects, sounds, and stock footage, as well as cloud backups and "brand kit" functionality.

The free tier continues to exist, and allows for basic editing, exporting in 1080p, and a selection of free stock materials. Overall, these changes to Clipchamp are great news, as it brings its premium features to a lower price point that's more affordable for everyone. 

Clipchamp came under fire in recent months due to locking basic features such as 1080p exporting behind a paywall. Now, with this rectified pricing structure, the basic features are free, and all premium features are available for a reasonable price.

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