Microsoft Teams adds TikTok remix custom ringtone — finally

Microsoft Teams on Android
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has added a remix ringtone from TikTok to Teams.
  • The ringtone was made by Calum Newton, who shared a version of the remix on TikTok earlier this year.
  • Users can set the desktop, web, and mobile versions of Teams to have the remix as their ringtone.

Who says Microsoft isn't fun? The tech giant recently added a TikTok remix as a ringtone on Teams. Calum Newton, better known as CandyMoore.mp3 on social media, created the jingle. The original version featured a snippet from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but that didn't make the final cut.

Microsoft added the new ringtone, titled "Remix," to Teams this week. It should automatically appear within the dropdown menu for ringtones within the settings section of the app. If it doesn't appear, you may need to check for an update.

"Calum Newton, who goes by CandyMoore.mp3 on social media, created an incredible remix of the ringtone, so we reached out and asked him to create a version that we could share with you," said Microsoft. "His remix is now available for users to customize their Teams experience, and it hits hard enough to make you want to dance."

You can only change your Teams ringtone on the desktop or web clients of the app, but swapping it carries over to the mobile versions of Teams. Note that changing your ringtone anywhere automatically swaps it on all devices.


♬ Microsoft teams remix by candy moore - Candy Moore

The version that made its way to Teams is tamer than the original shared by Newton. Sadly, Bill Gates has been removed from the remix.

At one point, Microsoft was in talks to purchase TikTok, but the tech giant decided against doing so in the end. Instead, Microsoft has focused its efforts on sharing funny content on the social media platform. The official Windows TikTok account has people singing the Windows startup sound, a deep dive into Windows Bloomberry ice cream, and much more.

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