Microsoft Create is a new home for all the creative apps and services under Microsoft 365

Microsoft Create
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is launching a new website designed to highlight its consumer-facing creative apps.
  • The site makes it easy to discover and create content using apps like PowerPoint, Clipchamp, and Designer.
  • The website is available now, with more creative services coming later.

Microsoft has unveiled a new website that brings together all its creative apps and services that are available as part of its Microsoft 365 subscription. These solutions, which range from Office apps such as Word and PowerPoint to Clipchamp and its new Designer app, are designed to help users gather ideas and create content using Microsoft software with ease.

The new website is called Microsoft Create, and is a clear push to get consumers interested in Microsoft's own creative applications. Across the entire MIcrosoft 365 subscription, it is possible for a user to create anything from written documents, presentations, videos, graphics, and more. Microsoft wants to highlight these capabilities in one place, and that's where the Microsoft Create website comes in.


"Create is a space to help any type of creator get started with creating videos, graphic designs, documents, presentations, and more. It is the ultimate creator launchpad that brings together the power of our content creation apps—from Designer to Clipchamp to PowerPointto Word and beyond. Create can help spark inspiration and up-level your skills with professional templates, curated articles, and videos from others who have been in your shoes. We are thrilled to bring this new website to help you try and learn something new about content creation."

MIcrosoft says it plans to introduce more creative apps and solutions to the Microsoft 365 subscription, and the Microsoft Create website, in the future. Microsoft Designer, a new AI-powered graphics design app was also announced today in limited preview. This app, using DALL-E 2 technology, can generate entire visuals and graphical art just by typing what you want to see in your project.

Microsoft is also building similar technology into Microsoft Bing, with a new Image Creator feature that's rolling out in limited preview. 

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