Slack GPT — ChatGPT for Slack now, too?

Slack GPT illustration.
ChatGPT integrated into Slack. (Image credit: Salesforce)

What you need to know

  • Slack GPT was introduced during the World Tour NYC event.
  • This new app integrates AI features into Slack.
  • It can instantly generate summaries, find helpful information, and more. 
  • To use Slack GPT you must sign up on the waitlist.

Last Thursday, the American cloud-based software company, Salesforce, along with Open AI introduced Slack GPT during the World Tour NYC event. This new app brings AI features into the widely used business messaging app, Slack, to make the software even more convenient for busy professionals. 

As found on the official ChatGPT for Slack page, Slack GPT "combines knowledge found in Slack with the intelligence of ChatGPT, empowering customers with the information they need to move work forward faster." A few ways in which ChatGPT for Slack empowers users are by:  

  • Generating summaries to help users quickly catch up on the latest info
  • Quickly finding answers after scanning messages and chats
  • Drafting messages in just a few seconds

The idea is that these features will increase productivity and allow users to be more in the loop without taking away from their busy schedules. Chief Product Officer at Slack, Noah Desai Weiss, explained how great of an opportunity it was for Slack and OpenAI to integrate like this.

"OpenAI has been a great Slack customer, and we’re even more excited for them to be an amazing Slack partner. The ChatGPT app for Slack deeply integrates the power of OpenAI’s cutting edge large language models into Slack’s conversational interface. There couldn’t be a more natural fit. This will give customers new superpowers by helping them tap the collective knowledge of their organization’s channel archives. We’re excited to partner with OpenAI to bring more generative AI powers directly into Slack to deliver productivity efficiencies for everyone."

(Image credit: Future)

The reason OpenAI specifically chose Slack as its productivity platform over other popular services stems from the fact that OpenAI is a longtime Slack customer and the company felt comfortable working with the business messaging platform's framework to create a secure service. What's more, the team has been able to interact with its customers in a very helpful way due to this setup.

As OpenAI's Head of GTM, Zack Kass, stated, "I love Slack Connect so much. We were very early adopters, and, alongside Huddles, it’s been the lifeblood of our customer communications. I think it’s the coolest workspace communication advancement ever. Injecting our own technology into this product has supercharged our ability to connect with and delight our customers. Life without it with our customers is unimaginable."

It remains to be seen if other services like Bing Chat or one of the other best AI chatbots on the market will also be able to create integrated apps for Slack. However, it's possible that this opportunity will only be available for ChatGPT. 

Slack GPT is currently in beta. You can get on the Slack GPT waitlist if you are interested. 

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