Microsoft reportedly begins showing full screen Windows 11 ad on Windows 10 PCs as end of support date looms

Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10
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What you need to know

  • Some Windows 10 users have reported seeing a full screen warning about next year's end of support date.
  • Users running Windows 10 in in-eligible PCs are being prompted to learn about how they can transition to Windows 11 by buying a new PC.
  • The full screen prompt has no button to never show it again.

Microsoft has started showing full screen warnings about the upcoming end of support date on Windows 10 PCs. Users on Reddit have reported seeing the prompt, which began appearing after this week's Patch Tuesday updates were installed, and encourages the user to learn more about how they can transition to Windows 11.

Windows 10's end of support date is currently set for October 14, 2025. After that date, Windows 10 users will no longer receive critical security and bug fix updates, leaving any Windows 10 PC connected to the internet vulnerable to any newly discovered security exploits. 

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The full screen prompt that is now appearing on some Windows 10 PCs thanks the user for their loyalty using Windows 10, and warns that this end of life (EOL) date is approaching. It also wastes no time advertising Windows 11, encouraging the user to learn more about how they can transition to a new Windows 11 PC. Notably, there's no button to tell the prompt to never show again. 

Windows 10 PCs that are in-eligible for Windows 11 have two choices when it comes to wanting to remain secure beyond October 2025: Buy a new PC with Windows 11, or pay Microsoft for extended security updates on Windows 10. Pricing for these extended security updates hasn't yet been revealed for individual users, but business customers will have to pay $61 for the first year, per device.

Full screen prompts warning users about an upcoming end of support date on Windows is not new. Microsoft did it on Windows 7 almost five years ago, and it's doing the same now on Windows 10. It's important for users to know that the end of support date is coming.

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  • Paul Chudigian
    My Surface Laptop 1 falls just outside the upgrade window. The computer is in great shape and the battery still has about 89% charge capacity. I wish Microsoft would open up the SL1 to a W11 upgrade, so users don't have to hack the registry. 😐