Microsoft prioritizes the discoverability of new apps and games on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11

Microsoft Store Windows11 October 2021
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a new feature in the Microsoft Store that surfaces new apps and games on the home page.
  • Previously, the Store's home page would include apps and games you've installed on your device, leaving little room for users to discover new apps.
  • The feature is limited to Windows Insiders but should be available for everyone in the next few weeks.

In the past few months, we've seen Microsoft double down on its efforts to improve its Microsoft Store's user experience through integrating AI into the setup, as well as shipping updates and neat features to the platform. 

Right now, if you launch the Microsoft Store app on your Windows PC, you'll see a fine mixture of apps already installed on your device and top free recommended apps/games. As it happens, Microsoft is about to revamp this whole experience by enhancing the discovery of new apps and games. 

According to Rudy Huyn, Microsoft's Principal Architect for Microsoft Store, Copilot AI and Windows games or apps you've already installed on your device will be "deprioritized," ultimately enhancing the discovery of new games and apps.

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The feature is still in beta, thus limiting its accessibility to Windows Insiders. However, it's highly likely that it will ship to everyone in the next couple of weeks.

Microsoft Store's enhanced discoverability for apps is a great opportunity for devs

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It's about time Microsoft made this move. I always found it (for lack of a better word) redundant for the Microsoft Store to feature apps I've already installed on the homepage. 

Admittedly, Microsoft has made it easier for users to find and pick the best apps while using the Microsoft Store, thanks to the AI-generated review summaries feature. For those unfamiliar with it, it is designed to enhance users' search and review experience. 

The feature also helps enhance productivity and saves a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent scrolling through reviews. With Microsoft pushing for the discoverability of new apps and games on the Microsoft Store, developers have a great opportunity to improve the reach of their apps to more people than ever before. 

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