Microsoft Clippy gets major upgrade with ChatGPT thanks to new Windows 11 app

Clippy by FireCube
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What you need to know

  • A new app on the Microsoft Store brings the power of ChatGPT to Clippy.
  • Clippy by FireCube uses OpenAI to empower a Clippy assistant that sits on your desktop.
  • Just like Clippy of old, it can help with writing letters, but can also do so much more.

Do you find yourself yearning for past digital assistants such as Clippy? Well, today is your lucky day, as a third-party app by developer FireCube on Twitter has just launched on the Microsoft Store and brings the power of ChatGPT to a Clippy assistant that sits on your Windows 11 desktop.

Clippy by FireCube uses OpenAI's ChatGPT services to empower Clippy with complex AI capabilities. Not only can it help you write a letter like the old Clippy could, but it can now also answer complex questions, partake in creative writing, help with coding, and so much more.

Anything ChatGPT can do, Clippy can now also do, thanks to this new app. Once the app is installed, the classic Clippy persona will sit on your desktop in the bottom right, always available for you to start asking it questions. 

The app requires a personal OpenAI API key, which you can generate here once you've created an account with OpenAI and added a billing method (or you can read our tutorial on how to get an OpenAI API key). Once you've done that, punch in your newly generated API key into the app, and you should be ready.

Microsoft recently announced Windows Copilot, its own new Windows OS assistant powered by Bing Chat (which is powered by ChatGPT) that will be launching later this year and arriving in preview first over the summer.

Clippy by FireCube | Microsoft Store

Clippy by FireCube | Microsoft Store

Clippy by FireCube (Not by Microsoft) brings back the infamous Clippit into your desktop powered by the OpenAI GPT 3.5 model (OpenAI key required as of this version).

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  • Sean Endicott
    It's great to see Clippy back on the desktop, even as a third-party app. I think adding ChatGPT to it is a clever way to make Clippy relevant again.