Some bug fixes are heading out to the Xbox Insider Program's Beta ring

As posted on reddit, the update contains miscellaneous fixes, pertaining to Cortana, while also acknowledging some issues with Xbox Accessories, Copilot, among others.


OS version released: rs2_release_xbox_1703.170226-1700

Available: 6:00PM PST 3/3 (2:00AM GMT 4/3)



  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements. (Cortana fixes etc.)


Xbox Accessories

  • "Portal" accessories used with games like Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, and Disney Infinity are not recognized.
  • The Xbox Accessories app Device Details page may appear blank.
  • **Workaround: **Update the device firmware, and view Device Details on a console not enrolled in Preview.


  • Copilot does not function at this time. You can disable Copilot from the power menu (hold the Xbox button on the controller) if desired.


  • Cortana may take a long time to respond when activated while playing certain games.


  • Some users may not receive certain types of notifications.

Game Clips

  • After capturing a game clip, the game clip fails to automatically post to the Activity Feed (if your profile is configured to do so).
  • Workaround: Manually view game clips in Profile > Captures > Manage captures and post to the Activity Feed.

EA Access

  • The EA Access app may indicate you are not an EA Access subscriber when you are. This does not affect your ability to download or play games from the Vault, or receive discounts on EA titles.

Screen Dimming

  • The screen may dim after a short amount of time while viewing videos in certain apps (Hulu Plus).

Settings - Ease of Access

  • When enabling the Mono output setting in Ease of Access - Audio, Settings becomes unresponsive, crashes, and fails to launch on subsequent attempts.
  • Workaround: To launch Settings, perform a hard reset (hold down the button on the front of the console for five seconds until it fully powers down, then power it back on).

Settings - Display & sound

  • The Audio output page is under construction and some of the new settings are not yet functional. New support is planned for Dolby Atmos for home theater, Dolby Atmos for headphones, and more in upcoming builds. An announcement will be made when these new features are ready to try out; enabling these settings now will have no effect.

Wireless Display

  • The Wireless Display app fails to launch and immediately crashes to Home.

Keep your eye on Windows Central for the latest from the Xbox Insider Program.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Still nothing for the "Fundamentally Unsupported" or 3rd Ring (the FU Ring).
  • I can here to post basically the same thing. I'd love to participate more, but it makes it difficult if there isn't much to test. I didn't even think I was not participating that much. I regularly did quests and surveys. I just want a member for that long though is the problem I think. I was only a member for a couple months when these rings came about.
  • Jajajajaja that was really funny!
  • Same for 4fu ring
  • Lol there should only be 1 or 2 rings. This 4 rings BS is stupid.
  • be happy i have my xbox on alpha on connected standby. every time i come out of sleep with hey cortana turn on my xbox. it turns on shows no internet connection. restarts dont help unpluging eithernet wont help. the only thing i found that usualy will work is unpluging my internet router manualy. all my other devices have no issues with the dhcp and holding an internet connection wired or wifi. be happy your in 4th and wont get hash bugs. Its nearly a show stopper for me. but i found a workaround thankfully. 
  • I didn't have any probs with the update. I had to wait for a bit before it showed but 12hours or so
  • My "time in the program" is over two years and I still got bounced to the 3rd ring.  Makes me feel like I've wasted my time participating with surveys and user feedback because apparently I didn't hit some magical number to advance beyond third.
  • I didn't get this update dang. only Beata users got it. Got to love alpha. actualy i dont lol lots of bugs. wish i could chose a slow ring over the fast in the future would be nice. but i understand that the lower rings should see less bugs. they should be happy :D
  • Microsoft always FIXING BUGS 😁😁😁😂😂
  • Bugs is forever, dude. It's normal and a everyday's bread of a developer.
  • I wonder if they will fix the "reinstall YouTube every 3 days" bug that's been on the platform for 8 months at least
  • I don't know why a downvote landed on every post on the topic, but the complaint is legitimate. Three months with no insider build is a right joke; I cant give feedback and complete quests if there's no build to work on, which further lowers my participation overall. Excellent ...
  • Lets hope they fix the Skylander portal soon, better for me if the kids can play again :-P
  • alternativly you could roll your consol back to the official release off preview and have that functionality.
  • Good flow of bug fixes....but still wanna see the atmos feature drop. I did notice on the last beta build the mobile atmos app is gone. Also want to point out that Dolby officially stated all xbox onec can run Dolby vision in software mode now that its complete. Head over to user voice and vote on that and atmos too. Because at this junction atmos is not fully baked yet.
  • Does anyone know how to enroll a new console in the preview with the insider hub? That feature seems to be missing in the new app.