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Some countries won't receive Xbox One until late 2014

If you are living in the United States or Europe, you should be excited to be able to purchase your Xbox One game console this November. Many gamers in Asian countries won’t be receiving Microsoft’s latest system until late 2014 according to officials.

Microsoft rates countries in varies tiers; the United States and most European countries land in the first tier and thus will receive the Xbox One in November. Other countries like Japan won’t be receiving the unit early 2014. A list of other countries including Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and India won’t be getting the console until late 2014.

Xbox One is a gigantic launch for Microsoft and like any other project, has to be rolled out over time. The concept of countries receiving a product at different times is nothing new – it has happened with Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Wii.

In regards to the above, I am sorry to say to our Asian readers that you won’t be getting the Xbox One anytime soon, but look at upside - we are going to get to do all the bug testing and you will receive a more stable system at launch.

The 21 countries that will receive Microsoft’s Xbox One in November include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico,  the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russian, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Xbox Coming to USA in November

Some may find it odd to hear that Japan, a country known for its technology will be receiving the console so late, but the country has never responded to the Xbox with as much warm welcome as the PlayStation and Wii have received. Even taking that into consideration, the country got the Wii U and Xbox 360 three weeks after America.

Are you in one of the countries that won’t be receiving the Xbox One until later this year?

Source: Arstechnica

  • they are pretty much determined to botch this generation.
  • Its the next generation
  • And that is clearly what he was referring to. "This" as in the one in the article.
  • My apologies. You are correct sir. Pulled the trigger a little quick
  • I don't understand botch this generation the article has stated why the xbox dosn't sell in japan even microsoft who last generation did there best to get the asian market onboard didn't succeed with them publishing some of the better jrpg's of this generation ala lost oddyssey, blue dragon, magna carta 2, tales of vesperia and outside that they published, no more heroes, gundum operation troy and a few other only on xbox japan exclusives and still the console didn't move many units. So why send say 200,000 units to a market that may shift 30,000 units all generation or even send 30,000 units there at launch and then it only move 5,000 units as its at launch they could shift those units to parts of the world that are really into xbox ala, uk and north america.
    Its a good move on there part and its region free so if someone in japan really wants it they can just import it.
  • ^This.
    What console launch didn't have constrained supply during the first few months? 
    Why send a bunch of XB1s sit unsold on some shelf in Japan when there are plenty of markets where people will be dying to get their hands on one?
  • How do you figure?! The PS3 launched in Japan and the US in November and didn't make it to Europe until the next March and that made no difference. We are just living in the era of sensationalized tech coverage and every little move is over analyzed. There has never been a true world wide launch for any console and this one is no different.
  • I think they're not gonna botch. Its preventing shortages in the initial launch countries, instead of having them sit in shelves in Japan.
  • I am sure asians are saying "This is us caring" Xbox is largely unpopular in Asia.
  • You fools realize this will be the same thing for PS4 right?  Happens every generation.   They will concentrate on north america,  Europe, Japan......then the rest of the world. 
  • Don't sound too good, feel sorry for the second and third tier!
  • Sucks to be them. Should have all the bugs worked out by then. I'm a half glass is full kinda guy.
  • Lol
  • Outstanding news! No region locking means more trips to the US just to buy a console, amirite?! %P
    I'm just kidding...color ME insensitive! lol ;)
  • Leaving the door open for Sony, always a smart move...../s
  • You're joking, right? As has been said, the Asian markets (particularly Japan) tend to buy the local products. Japan especially has never taken to buying Microsoft consoles, so they're not missing out on much. They're better-off making sure to fulfill American and European offers, as it is more-likely that such markets will sell out stock. When the Asian markets aren't keen on the product, making region-specific verisons to send over to those markets and collect dust on shelves is rather silly. We've seen on several occasions that consoles struggle to meet demand in full early on in the cycle, so they're just making sure that Japan isn't getting stock it won't bother to sell anyway.
    The one exception, I think, could be if the Chinese buy into Windows Phone. If they do, then trying to get them into the Microsoft ecosystem (read: purchasing Xbox Ones) could be a real goal.
  • Why is this news, every console has done this. How many countries is Sony missing, people seem to conveniently miss these facts.
  • Because its specific info. That's like saying why is a software update news? All software does that.
  • So what happens when I buy from the US and ship to my country? Will it work or not?
  • It's region-free, so you would have no trouble playing on it. However, I do not know your country's voltage standards, so power could be the main issue you'll have.
  • US, Canada and Mexico are 110-120V. The rest of the countries use 220-240V usually. Unless the xbox one is equipped with a 100-240V power supply, you cannot simply buy one from US/Canada and use it in your country otherwise, kaboom
  • I don't agree. I've seen PSU's that autodetect 110 vs 240. Hell I've had a cellphone charger that came with world plugs and automatically switched between voltages. All you had to do was supply it with the correct plug. There is no reason why this should be an issue. If you make it like a PC power supply where the cord is a seperate component, then all you have to do is supply the cord for each country.
  • well, the X360 has 1 power voltage on the power adapter/cord, so it's either 110V or 220V. Have you tried plug in an US or JAP 360 into a EUR plug (with the power adapter of course) or vice versa? Even if you have the right adapter for the wall outlet, the voltage is not the same. And don't compare a small cellphone adapter with a huge power block like the 360 uses. Most new cellphone chargers support 110-240V now, you only have to buy the adapter for your country.
    It's not the same for the 360 or PS3, so i suggest that you check the power informations on the 360's power block and tell me if it's 100-220V or one of the two.
  • Or you could just but one from Germany or Russia.
  • yeah, that's another solution. Why buy an US console for a PAL country/territory with different voltage standard when you can buy a PAL console from all around the world besides US/Canada and Mexico.
    If you live in Portugal, you can get one from France or Spain. Same goes for Asia, Africa, Australia/Oceania and South America
  • Though this isn't great news it is to be expected when you think about the content the x1 is to stream. Plus aside from the US and major European countries, i don't think MS has sort TV providers for the "2nd/3rd" tier markets. Makes sense to ensure your most profitable markets are covered.
  • All of Europe? No. In a little corner of Europe, a 1000 years old country resists now and always to receive things at the same time as its sole next door neighbourg.
    Guess the country. (On the other hand, the PS4 is expected to arrive at the same time as the other European countries...which will NOT help Xbox sales here). 
  • Honestly, I give here.
  • Portugal?
  • Eastern Europe isn't getting a Tier One launch.  It's simple really, and it makes sense.  Eastern Europe tends to go towards PC games to begin with.  If they must buy a console they'll likely go for the cheaper one such as the Wii U or PS4. 
  • Never had an official launch of anything in my country, so this changes nothing to me. is and it will always be my friend =)
  • Not surprising. No matter how much marketing Xbox put into Japan they couldn't move units of either the original Xbox or the 360. (That's Japan's own preference for homegrown over foreign products in pretty much every field.) Better to concentrate on markets where they'll sell.
  • This guy gets it
  • iPhones tend to do very well in Japan though so... that sort of logic is sorta flawed. 
  • Are there any high end Japanese phone makers?
  • "Russian" isn't country name. Russia.
  • Viva Mexico!
  • I'll just get a PS4 then.
  • As Michael said , This is not new , it happened with every console that came before it .
    It doesn't really manner to me , i was gonna wait at least a year anyway before i get an Xbox One & now we won't get it until next year anyway , so i don't see a problem here (for me)
  • How is this a problem? Only jp, north America and some parts of Europe were able to get 360 on launch day
  • Time to buy and resell abroad.
  • Can't wait to get my Xbox One !
  • Australia gets it day one as well. looking forward to getting mine.If Microsoft was smart they would offer it in Singapore as well that way Thailand,Malaysia and Indonesia would have easy access to them.
  • The only "real" demand for the XBox will be the countries to get it in November.
  • That's why forwarding agents is a thing we use A LOT :D
  • Well in Mexico Xbox 360 is the most popular console, that's why we are getting the Xbox One. Thank god for that.
  • Not in Portugal in day 1. One more reason to go PS4.
  • Australia is in the first wave. How very un-Microsoft :?
  • Ps 4 hello from Bulgaria.
  • I understand you're upset with all these late 2014 thing BUT, here in Argentina the Xbox 360 was officially launched last year, if you wanted it before, you had to try and import it, which was a process quite reliant on luck. So, I guess we're getting the Xbox One by Late 2018
  • I bought my xbox 360, in my country, at launch. I have been using xbox live since then. I have a lot of friends, even US friends.
    Because (now) I live in a Second Tier Europe Country I will not be able to play with my friends any more. Thank you microsoft!!
    Portugal is not so big, but then again we are on top 20 of ultra-broadband, we were one of the first with LTE and IPTV. We invented the first Paper-Based Transistor. We have a partnership with MIT (MIT Portugal). We arent Australopithecus !! 
    So microsoft, do you mind shipping 5k of consoles (for a start) to here at launch?? No MS EMEA manager will notice. Guaranteed! (Microsoft is already well established in Portugal.)
    If not, I will find my way to ps4. At least I do not have to wait 1 year for the "future". I'am sorry.
    P.S.- Also, we have Port Wine, we invented the caravel and discover the sea way around Africa to India, China and Japan. Ca'mon M$!!
  • According to my experience on my first Xbox 360 console, I decided to wait a little longer to buy Xbox One. I bought my first Xbox 360 on May 2006, which was the first generation of Xbox 360, although the quality was okay, yet I still experienced RROD 19 months after I bought it. Fortunately MS provided 3 years of warranty for RROD, so I didn't pay for repairement. But couple months later the GPU's broke, the screen looked gibberish every time I turned on the machine, and no more extended warranty for GPU failure, I got no choice but to buy another Xbox 360, so that's why I would prefer waiting a little longer for my Xbox One, no lab rat for me this time.
  • How about indonesia?
  • I am from India. Seriously Microsoft you wanna release your gaming console 1 year after everyone? You got guts man because everyone knows how big this economy and in fact this is the same mistake which Apple used to do but it has realized the market potential of India and does not delay launches by an  year, but u r doing it.
    Best of luck. I was a XBOX fan n wanted to upgrade but thanks to u, its PLAY STATION all my way
  • yeah...agreed... I would be picking up PS4 instead.
  • Portugal is sad :( oh well, viva la schengen space. Free trade ftw.
  • Nothing new.....