Some UK Lumia 950 pre-orders seeing delays from resellers [updated]

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Update: We're getting a lot of tips from people saying Amazon UK has now pushed back its pre-order shipments. Microsoft's statement below applies here, too, as far as we currently understand.

December 3 is supposed to be the day that Lumia fans up and down the UK are unwrapping their shiny new Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL for the first time. But not everyone is that lucky with reports coming in that at least two different resellers are now telling their customers to expect a delay.

The first we heard of was from online retailer, Clove, as late as December 2. We received some tips that messages were going out to those who pre-ordered telling them to now expect delivery the following week. We reached out to Clove for some clarity on this and were informed they were unable to comment.

The second report arrives on launch day, with high-street chain, Argos, sending text notifications to pre-order customers of a Microsoft enforced delay due to a "software issue."

Here's the thing, though. As far as we know Microsoft has still shipped its own orders from its own store. Indeed, you can head over to the Microsoft Store right now and order both new phones. They're in stock, ready to roll. So if there's a software issue, Microsoft seems less bothered by it when sending out of it's own store.

We've now heard from Microsoft who provided the below statement on the matter:

"Deliveries to UK customers who have already placed their order for a new Lumia phone will take place from December 3rd as planned. A minor configuration issue at our manufacturing facility resulted in a slight delay to one batch but was quickly rectified." - A Microsoft spokesperson

So some folks will have to hang tight but mostly there's not a whole lot to worry about it seems.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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