SongArc gets over 73,000 plays in first week, cements place as best music game on Windows Phone

SongArc is a brand new game that’s unique to Windows Phone. It went into beta earlier this summer and just hit the Windows Phone Store a week ago. Quite a bit has happened in just that first week of being on the Store. So we’re going to dive in on the current progress of SongArc and its future on Windows Phone.

In the first week on the Windows Phone Store, SongArc saw 14,000 users playing 1,600 different sheets. They played over 73,000 games. Speaking of games, SongArc is currently ranked as the #1 music game across a variety of categories in the Windows Phone Store.

Going forward there’s an update coming out soon to the Windows Phone Store that will address a variety of bugs in the app. Here’s what it targets:

  • Small fixes to the editor
  • Accelerated song - sheet matchmaking
  • Matches are now displayed down until 20% instead of the old 50%. This should help with songs that only have extremely misspelled sheets
  • The built in songs are now displayed at the end of the lists
  • The app should no longer crash if the phone has extreme amount of songs (over 1000 albums, etc)
  • Fixes to app not starting (we couldn’t identify all issues yet, we need more data)
  • Better error / crash reporting

That update is currently being beta tested and should hit the Windows Phone Store fairly soon. But what’s coming to SongArc after that update? The next update will focus on new features that have been requested by both beta testers and the general community. We can’t share more than that, but it should make a great game even better.

We’re really excited to SongArc continue to rapidly improve. It’s a game that is unique to Windows Phone and probably couldn’t exist on other platforms. We have the benefit of having a fairly tight knit community of users and developers giving each other feedback and improving the platform as a whole. Fun fact: Our very own Daniel Rubino is addicted to the game. See the screenshot of the tweet below? You’ll see a handful of those on his timeline. We might need to stage an intervention if the game gets any more addicting.

Daniel Rubino SongArc Addict

Daniel Rubino, SongArc Addict

Haven’t tried SongArc out yet? It’s a simple game, but packs a ton of fun. It’s available on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8, but won’t with 256MB devices on Windows Phone 7.x). Grab it in the Windows Phone Store for free or use the QR code below. 

Sam Sabri