SongArc gets an update, nabs investors and is headed to Windows tablets and iOS!

Just over one year ago, I brought news of the first release of SongArc, an exclusive Windows Phone music game reminiscent of Guitar Hero and Audio Surf. SongArc lets users download 'sheets' of preprogrammed data to hammer away to their music collection on their phone with colorful graphics, and it is driven by a 1.2 million user community. SongArc maintains an astounding 4.7 (out of 5) rating on the Store from 6K reviews and is consistently the top in its category.

Today, the developers behind SongArc have announced that they have accepted funding from European accelerator Traction Tribe to bring the game to the next level. Previously, SongArc was a hobby by András Velvárt and his team, but now with Traction Tribe, the SongArc group is looking to expand the one-of-a-kind game to iOS, Windows tablets, and later this year, Android.

Considering SongArc depends on the community for the music sheets, pushing the game to other platforms ensures its continued growth and higher quality contributions. For iOS and Windows tablets, we can expect those versions to arrive in four to six weeks.

What about Windows Phone? The SongArc team promises nothing changes:

"Windows Phone is the easiest platform to develop and try new ideas on - but most importantly, it is our parent platform - it is our Home Town, where we grew up. It was the WinPhone users are who helped us get here. So, we will continue developing and improving the WP version for the foreseeable future"

Indeed, to celebrate the big funding announcement, version 3.1 of SongArc is now live in the Store for Windows Phone users.

SongArc 3.1

  • Awesome new visuals for hitting a note
  • Awesome new visuals for missing a note and Star Score (WP8 only)
  • Better ordering of Sheets for a song
  • On-screen back button for consistent navigation
  • A new Star Score button for easier access during game
  • Other visual and performance enhancements, bug fixes

Bonus Sale

In addition, as a thank you to the Windows Phone community, the SongArc team is putting on a fire sale for one week:

"The Fan Pack, which makes all present and future features and Sheets in SongArc free, will be a steal at only $4.99 (instead of the usual $14.99) and your daily free coins can be doubled for half (so, the Doubler will only cost $0.99 instead of $1.99). The coin packs will also see a significant price reduction."

Not a bad deal at all.

SongArc is free to download and use, although users opt to buy sheets using coins collected in the game, and through in-app purchases.

As a fan of SongArc, I am very glad to see them moving to the next level. Having the game exclusive to our platform for a whole year has been a joy, as this is easily one of my favorite games to use due to its uniqueness. With SongArc growing and expanding, the quality of the game only gets better with more users hitting the leaderboards and making sheets match the music found on your phone.

So if you have not tried SongArc yet, give it a go!

Source: SongArc

QR: songarc

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Do you have some stats? Like how many downloads? Active users? Plays? Songs? etc etc. It sounded  like a nice game but I never really got into it.
    Good luck to the guys at SongArc!!
  • From their FB page, they note SongArc has 90,000 pieces of content (Sheets) which have been played more than 4 million times, for a total of 25 years playtime
  • Thank you Daniel for the answer! I'd like to add that we have 1.2 million downloads, and those 90,000 Sheets cover more than 60,000 songs from all conceivable genres - not just rock, but pop, hip-hop, jazz, classical and even movie scores.
  • And a thing to be appreciated. Developer is taking note of every comment. Very very nice.
    If everyone do this, WP store would be unbeaten.
  • Thanks guys for answering and congrats again.
  • Whoever came up with this concept, hats off to him
  • Thank you. :)
  • You guys even have a live tile... That's cool most won't take advantage of it
  • Yapp... and that's one thing iOS won't have. Not to mention the cool transparent live tile on WP8.1 :)
  • Just let me know if you need help with the Hungarian localization! :D It's a unique and entertaining game. ..and now I can share it with my Apple fan sister. Keep up the good work guys!
  • :) Thanks!
  • Thanks for providing an amazing experience on windows phone, and your updates have been nothing but improvements, (wish more apps are like that) hope to see you do just as well in other platforms.
  • I'm glad to see song arc worked out so well for you guys! I still remember the fofff post you guys made and how happy and excited I got at the possibility of having a GOOD rhythm based game other than Osu! on the WP platform, I'm glad to see that you guys delivered and it paid off for ya! Thanks for picking Windows Phone as a starting point, and I wish you luck (not that you need it) on ios!
  • Downloading! Haven't surprisingly tried this out yet so I'm giving it a try! ^^
  • Cool, let us know what you think!
  • Sure!
  • I'm having troubles to connect to server... :/ it stops in 87% and says: Failed to connect. I'm not able to play :/
  • Sorry about that, it may have been a temporary glitch. Can you please try again? If it still doesn't work, please send us a support email from Settings and we'll look into the issue for you.
  • Woo, what? You have to be online to play?
  • No, but on launches the app searches your music library and tries to match up sheets, which are found online. Actual gameplay uses no online data AFAIK; it's all local as you download the sheets to your phone.
  • Oh. So the app sees my phone music, searches for music sheets same to the music on my phone, and downloaded them all without me coding which sheets I want? And are these sheets downloaded as app data so I'd delete the app the data gets deleted too?
  • Well, it doesn't download all sheets, that'd be too much. When you select a song to play, you are presented with a list of sheets for that song, and then you can get one of them and play. Once you downloaded a sheet, you can play the same sheet offline. You'll lose the leaderboard though in this case.
  • I don't care about as much as others do, I mostly play for fun! Well glad that you sorted this out! :)
  • Nice. Kudos to them they derserve it.
  • Thank you!
  • I had to uninstall due to lack of mem... Might have to rethink now..
  • GREAT!!  I've been following this dev since the first release.  Glad to see it making to tablets.  Great app.  I wonder what improvements it'll get on IOS.
  • Thank you!
  • It's a good game, but it is a bit sad its going to iOS and Android, but whatever mannnnn, for the monies I suppose
  • I don't think it's sad. Expanding the user base, who will make more Arcs available, is good. I just hope they prominently say that it was originally developed on WP to show that WP is a great, easy ecosystem to develop quality apps for and be successful.
  • Windows Phone was and is a great platform to grow up on. The WP users and portals like WPCentral are extremely supportive, gave us great feedback and exposure from the start, which is key for a community driven game like SongArc. We would never have made it this far without WP.
  • It's an honor though, been with you guys since the launch of SongArc, its really a good game
  • Thanks for saying that. But also consider in advertising saying something along the lines of "The number one music game on Windows Phone is coming to iOS and tablets...etc). That'd be really cool of you. Too much of this "App Gap" stuff going around and publicizing it as the birthplace of your incredible app will bring some much needed positive attention to the platform.
  • We definitely plan to say that! :)
  • You're amazing
  • Daniel, I just realized that I never told you this, and it's a little late but I beat your score of 400,000 on Chop Suey. I was going to tweet you, then forgot lol so..... TAKE THAT
  • lol, I hadn't played that one for awhile, that was super tricky. congrats!
  • Congratulations on your achievement!
  • Thank you!
  • Wow, you read our forums ? I played your game since first time you upload it to store, thank you.
  • Of course we do, it is very important to us what you think of SongArc and how we can improve it. Thanks for being a fan!
  • Excellent! Good news and great for a dev showing some actual loyalty to the platform that got them going! hope they go on to bigger and better things!
  • Thank you, we certainly plan to :)
  • Awesome! I anticipate success. Nicely done, and best of luck to the team. But please don't stop supporting WP! :-)
  • Thanks! We don't see dropping support for WP in the foreseeable future.
  • Do you know if it'll be a universal app? I'd be more inclined to buy this 4.99 deal if I knew I could also use it on my Surface !
  • Can't play this game.I don't understand many things
  • Please try the tutorial, or watch some SongArc videos on YouTube that our awesome fans have created.
  • Speaking of Audio Surf, I need it on my Phoooone!!!!!
  • Congrats to SongArc!
    That's interesting. Why don't other game editors test out some of their ideas on Windows Phone? They'd take way less risks of disappointing customers on our platform. If an idea turns out to be good, they'd update their Android and iOS apps as well.
  • Indeed, the WP platform is a low risk platform for validation and quick changes.
  • Guess who just pre-ordered their 64gb Champagne Gold iPhone 6 and won't miss his Lumia 1020 at all?
  • I'll be sending you a biscuit in the mail; just trying to coordinate it so it shows up at the same time as your iPhone.
  • Prepare to get a better experience on Skype, OneNote and all Microsoft services on iOS.
  • Only games get fundings :'(
    I have 2M users but nobody gave me a buck...
    Congrats to the team, SUPER game, absolutely awesome and UI innovative, a proud for WP :) !!!!!
    If I don't err, it s an Italian company, isn't it ?
  • No, we are actually based in Hungary. Thanks for the congrats!
  • Venetasoft also going in right direction....u guys have no.1 video editing app.
  • Thank you for the great write-up, Daniel! As always :)
  • Hometown... :). thank you folks...
  • The only game I play on my phone.
    Thanks ;-)
  • *blushes*
  • I wonder if the sheets that currently exist will be available when the game gets to iOS (and, eventually, Android).
    Anyway, soon my friends won't be jealous of my 'great WP-only game' anymore :(
  • Yes, the existing Sheets will be playable everywhere. Also, Sheets created on iOS will be playable on Windows Phone, so everybody wins!
  • Read so much good about songarc.....I should give it a try...downloading
  • We agree, you should :)
  • Congratulations, SongArc is a really good game, sadly I won't play it anymore, though. Good luck with your future projects
  • Thanks... why won't you play it though?
  • I liked it when you released it, but you introduced the coin system, I know you said the game wouldn't be always free and that you don't have to pay real money to play it, I completely understand you have the right to charge for your job,I respect that, but when I last played your game the coin system just destroyed the gaming experience for me, I hope you understand
  • We understand. Who knows, maybe we will have some good news for you soon :)
  • Get rid of the coins system, that would be good news
  • What do you suggest we do instead that can ensure at least some amount of income to cover the costs of the servers and the work we invest into the game?
  • That may depend on how much you expect to obtain, I think
  • Awesome news, just purchased the fan pack. This game is fun, keeps me away from homework lol.
  • lol, thanks!
  • I downloaded this a while back by never tried it. From all the great things being said about it I am apparently missing out. I still definitely give out a spin now.
  • Cool!
  • Off topic, but forums dont work... This app might not be the only thing going to iOS. Between the lack of high end devices coming to replace my 920 and Microsoft's refusal to put the phones media handling back to Zune state (media is 85% of my phone use), I'm starting to feel like the Windows Phone thing is losing steam. God I want to stick with it, but their lack of upcoming devices and refusal to listen to its fan base has really been wearing me thin. Well, good luck to this dev and Congratulations!
  • Was the comments section of a game article really the best place to post this?
  • Thanks, mom. I'll say it again "FORUMS AREN'T WORKING FOR MANY OF US". I'm so glad your here to pounce and do the mods' job though. Thanks, Batman.
  • Complaining about not having a replacement for your 920, and that Windows Phone is losing steam and you might be going to iOS isn't a discussion that's relevant to the video game being discussed in the article.
  • Your crime fighting skills are second to none.
  • "hey, I know this is bed, bath and beyond, but the car shop next door is closed, can you change my oil?"
  • Congrats to András and team! I've been buying his apps since SurfCube on WP7. Really quality stuff. Glad to see them be able to expand onto other platforms.
  • Thanks, Rico! I remember you, too :)
  • I'm one of the first beta testers of this game. Good to see it has come a long way now. Good job guys! Keep it up.
  • Thanks, and thanks for the beta testing work!
  • I've been a beta guy myself for a while now. I remember when it first came out and gave me that AudioSurf feel. This game is easily in the top 10, if not top 5 games out for WP right now. Thanks for everything guys! Much love!
  • Thank you!
  • How about the accounts? Imagine that I have a account on wp and I want to use the same account on IOS? How this will work? Btw, congrats for your game :)
  • Thank you, we are still trying to figure that out. You probably won't be able to use the same account on two devices at start though.
  • the thing is, imagine someone changes from windows phone to IOS, or vice versa, it would be nice to use the same account.. or even have an windows phone and an iphone.. there are people who have multiple devices.... and if someone is a fan of this game on a windows phone, it will be on the iphone, or android..
  • We can handle when you change from one device to another. Unfortunately, having the same username on multiple devices is much more tricky.
  • I'm about to download it :D on my Lumia 820.
  • Go, Nicholas, go!
  • Heck yeah Windows Phone is your Home Town
  • I too have been with the beta since day one. Awesome game! Do you guys know when the planned release is for the tablet version? Also please do make it work in portrait and landscape modes.
  • A lot can happen until then, so this is just a plan: but we hope to get the Windows tablet version out within a month.
  • Great! I love this game!! It would be very cool if there was a multiplayer option haha
  • How do you think this multiplayer option would work?
  • They are going to iOS when they say the game will always be only for windows phone??? Seriously?? Sell outs.
  • When or where did we say that?
  • songarc team
    can I ask to bring more sheets for breaking benjamin songs made by you
    it's the only songs I enjoy playing but unfortanitly only few are supported with sheets
  • I have this game for a couple of months now, but have never played it as it needs to be online. But after reading the comments here and with the responses from the developer, now I understood. And I would like to be part and contribute to their success. Downloading the updates now and will give it a try. Thank you SongArc and good luck! BTW, I like the way that you actively responded every queries fom our fellow WP users here. Keep it up! :)
  • Hi Jeff, Thank you for your kind words! Enjoy the game!
  • Wow! I had just played this game a few minutes ago and the excitement and the joy is still flowing through my veins. Lol I really love this game. While my favorite songs were played, I'm also having like piano-ing (haha), following the beat. All my favorites (the songs and the beat boxing-ish) is combined on this game. This is a must have game for all music the music lovers, in my opinion. Thanks songArc! Waiting for this to come to tablets (and Android/iOS).
  • Awesome! We'd like to put this as a testimonial on our website... if you agree, please send a support email from the app (see settings) with your photo, and we'll give you a thank you gift!
  • Sent! :D
  • Thanks SongArc for the very very very awesome gift! ! *tears of joy*
  • Enjoy!
  • It's 5 o'clock in the morning here but got no time to sleep for now. I'm busy playing SongArc. XD
  • Frederic is the best
  • Hey songarc , I have a problem when finishing any song it shows me : Gameover on 100% , so what should I do ? ( Lumia 925 wp8.1 update 1 ) and thanks for supporting WP
  • Have you updated to the latest version? We fixed this issue in 3.1. If you're still having problems, please send a support email from within the app.
  • I have the latest version , still game over on 100% so what should I do ?
  • Please send a support request from within the app. (you can find it in settings).
  • I did , waiting for a solution =]