SongArc gets an update, nabs investors and is headed to Windows tablets and iOS!

Just over one year ago, I brought news of the first release of SongArc, an exclusive Windows Phone music game reminiscent of Guitar Hero and Audio Surf. SongArc lets users download 'sheets' of preprogrammed data to hammer away to their music collection on their phone with colorful graphics, and it is driven by a 1.2 million user community. SongArc maintains an astounding 4.7 (out of 5) rating on the Store from 6K reviews and is consistently the top in its category.

Today, the developers behind SongArc have announced that they have accepted funding from European accelerator Traction Tribe to bring the game to the next level. Previously, SongArc was a hobby by András Velvárt and his team, but now with Traction Tribe, the SongArc group is looking to expand the one-of-a-kind game to iOS, Windows tablets, and later this year, Android.

Considering SongArc depends on the community for the music sheets, pushing the game to other platforms ensures its continued growth and higher quality contributions. For iOS and Windows tablets, we can expect those versions to arrive in four to six weeks.

What about Windows Phone? The SongArc team promises nothing changes:

"Windows Phone is the easiest platform to develop and try new ideas on - but most importantly, it is our parent platform - it is our Home Town, where we grew up. It was the WinPhone users are who helped us get here. So, we will continue developing and improving the WP version for the foreseeable future"

Indeed, to celebrate the big funding announcement, version 3.1 of SongArc is now live in the Store for Windows Phone users.

SongArc 3.1

  • Awesome new visuals for hitting a note
  • Awesome new visuals for missing a note and Star Score (WP8 only)
  • Better ordering of Sheets for a song
  • On-screen back button for consistent navigation
  • A new Star Score button for easier access during game
  • Other visual and performance enhancements, bug fixes

Bonus Sale

In addition, as a thank you to the Windows Phone community, the SongArc team is putting on a fire sale for one week:

"The Fan Pack, which makes all present and future features and Sheets in SongArc free, will be a steal at only $4.99 (instead of the usual $14.99) and your daily free coins can be doubled for half (so, the Doubler will only cost $0.99 instead of $1.99). The coin packs will also see a significant price reduction."

Not a bad deal at all.

SongArc is free to download and use, although users opt to buy sheets using coins collected in the game, and through in-app purchases.

As a fan of SongArc, I am very glad to see them moving to the next level. Having the game exclusive to our platform for a whole year has been a joy, as this is easily one of my favorite games to use due to its uniqueness. With SongArc growing and expanding, the quality of the game only gets better with more users hitting the leaderboards and making sheets match the music found on your phone.

So if you have not tried SongArc yet, give it a go!

Source: SongArc

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