Sony accepting pre-orders for the Xperia X2a

We haven't mentioned much about the Sony Xperia X2a. The predecessor to the Xperia X1 has been making the rounds overseas and it appears to be headed to the U.S. Market.

Over at, Sony is accepting pre-orders for the X2a (only $599.99) and is noting expected availability as on or about April 29, 2010.

The X2a is a sliding keyboard styled Windows Phone running Windows Mobile 6.5. It features Sony's "tile" user interface and an 8.1mp camera. Other features include a 3.2", 800x480 screen, Qualcomm 528mhz processor, 1500mah battery, 256mb RAM, 512mb ROM, and is shipped with a 4GB MicroSD card.

From the advertisement's footnotes: "This device is 3G enabled for tri-band HSPA (850/1900/2100 MHz). Please check with your preferred carrier as some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas. GSM network with compatible radio band required. Not available in all countries. Local SIM card required to make local calls, sold separately. Check with a service provider for details."

So if you're on AT&T (or another compatible network) and are dying to get your hands on a Sony Windows Phone, now's your chance.

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  • There's very few times i do this in response to something i read online, but i literally laughed out loud when i saw this was $599.99. The laugh was hearty enough that any liquid i was in the purpose of swallowing would been sprayed all over my screen. It's a pity as i'm crazy enough to buy one if it were around $400. The least they could do is bundle this with some Sony content to up the perceived value as we saw with the HD2.
  • The price tag might actually be progress for Sony. If I remember right, the X1a was released for $799.99.
  • You're right. Ouch. And i in no way expected Sony to release it around $400. Not Sony. But i don't know that i'd call it progress. There's no way that Sony could charge $799 or even $699 for the X1a now, without carrier subsidies on a platform that's got even more competition and with dated hardware.
  • Retitle the post "Sony WinMo Failure X2a"
  • I purchased Sony Xperia X1 earlier and it works good with the new features GPS,Opera mini browser and many more.Its voice clarity and image quality is awesome.I hope this one will also good as I want to buy one for my brother.
  • is it april 22nd 2008?
  • Does it crack like the X1?
  • I have XPERIA X2.All the features are very nice but the feature I love the most is unique SlideView ,frequently used phone activities are quickly accessed by this feature.
  • What a piece of crap! Sony, just a few years too late with this toaster oven!
  • Okay so to all of those who are ridiculing this phone - please tell me where else i can get a US 3G with full Keyboard, 8MP camera running WM.... I couldn't find any...
    And if you are talking about HTC so please add to my requirements, available in the US, not a size of a pay phone, decent call quality, decent battery life and one that doesn