Soppy's Adventure makes a splash as today's myAppFree Deal

Soppy's Adventure is a light-hearted platformer game where you guide a lost water drop (that would be Soppy) home. You will have to first navigate across three worlds filled with plenty of dangers for Soppy to avoid.

Available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Store, Soppy's Adventure is wonderfully animated and has its fair share of challenges. The game's mechanics are simple but do require a delicate touch for success.

Soppy's Adventure is regularly priced at $.99 but through the myAppFree campaign, you can pick the game up free. Seeing that it is a universal game, the deal gives you access to both the Windows Phone and Windows versions. We have looked at Soppy's Adventure before and found it to be a fun time waster of a game. Being able to pick the game up free is just an added bonus.

Game play with Soppy's Adventure spans three worlds. You begin the adventure in Jungle Land and will have to navigate across Ice Land and Volcano Land. Each world contains multiple level, with each level having up to three stars to collect. You will need to collect as many stars as possible to unlock gaming levels and the two worlds. If you come up short on stars, levels can be re-played to collect the missing stars needed to advance with the game.

Soppy's Adventure

Mechanics are simple in that you swipe at the screen in the direction you want Soppy to move. You can continue the swipes to keep Soppy airborne to avoid dangers or navigate across gaps in the platform. Dangers range from thorny bushes, bugs, rock monsters, lava fields, ice patches and even puddles of water. To add to the challenge, each level is timed and you'll have to cross the finish line before the clock strikes zero.

Each level has checkpoints to allow you to save your gaming progress within each level. It also saves you a little frustration by not having to start at the beginning of the level should Soppy meet its fate. Soppy's Adventure also includes power-ups, bonus lives and coins that can be collected as Soppy travels across each platform level.

Soppy's Adventure

It does take a little patience, skill and luck to move Soppy on its way. If you get in too much of a hurry, you'll overshoot a landing only to find Soppy bursting on a thorny bush or turning into mist on hot lava. It does appear that the gaming token system that held the original version back has been removed. You have three lives per game and if you lose them all, you can start game play from the beginning of the first incomplete level without delay. A nice touch by the developer.

Soppy's Adventure is regularly priced at $.99 and is a universal game. However, through the myAppFree promotion over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Soppy's Adventure free. It is a fun time waster and the savings never hurt. If you try Soppy's Adventure, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below. Also, remember to rate the game in either Store to give the developer a little feedback.

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