Sorry, HTC 8x owners, you won't be getting Windows 10 Mobile

The HTC 8x was first launched in late 2012 with support for Windows Phone 8, and later got an official update to Windows Phone 8.1. However, the smartphone maker has confirmed that the phone won't be getting an second OS update to Windows 10 Mobile.

The news comes from the HTC UK Twitter account, in response to a fan's request for information:

"There are no further updates planned for the HTC Windows phone 8X currently"

In addition, according to reports from our forum members, HTC 8x owners can't upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile via the Windows Insider preview program either. The last Windows Phone device from HTC was the One M8 for Windows in 2014. The company has not announced any plans to launch an new phone that will run Windows 10 Mobile out of the box.

Source: HTC UK (Twitter): Via: WMPU

John Callaham