Good news for those waiting on Spotify to make a return to Windows Phone (the previous version currently didn't work on Windows Phone 8) as version 2.0 of the app is now live in the Windows Phone Store bringing WP8 compatibility with it.

The interesting thing about the app is it’s still in beta, meaning this is not a completely polished and presumably bug free version. But hey, you can access your account and stream music and in the end, that’s what it’s all about. Clearly the demand for an official WP8 Spotify app is high for users and it’s great to see such a high profile app return once again to the platform.

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From the app description:

“The popular music-streaming app Spotify is now available for Windows Phone 8. Spotify (Beta, Version 2.0, Free to download, subscription required to play music after trial) lets you choose the music you love, or discover new songs and artists. You can play your own playlist or browse and indulge in the playlists of your friends. Heading offline? Download and play your playlists on-the-go. With Spotify on Windows Phone 8, you don’t have to miss a beat. Get it now in the Windows Phone Store!”

Features listed of the Windows Phone 8 version include:

  • Search, browse & play millions of tracks.
  • Explore & play your friends' playlists, top artists and tracks.      
  • Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G - all your existing playlists are available.
  • Offline playlists - play your music without an internet connection.
  • On-the-fly sync - every track you add to a playlist appears on mobile and computer.
  • What's New view.
  • Receive music from friends via the inbox.
  • Starred tracks - tag all your favourites into a special list.

Seeing as the link just went live, availability within Store regions may vary a bit (we're not seeing it in the US just yet), so give it some time. You can find the link to the Store here and let us know in comments what you think of the new version.

Thanks, Matt, for the link!

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