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Spotify will continue to support Windows ecosystem, Windows 10 update coming today

Contrary to recent reports, Spotify isn't going anywhere. Should you be rocking Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows, you'll be supported with future updates. According to clarification on the official support forum, Spotify plans to continue supporting the platforms with an upcoming Windows 10 update set to bump the client up to version 5.2.

"To clarify our recent information regarding the Windows Phone experience, we will continue supporting the Windows Phone 8.1 experience moving forward and we are actually improving our support for Windows 10 in our coming update 5.2, which will be available starting today."

Also, if you'd like to see the music streaming service brought to Windows 10 Mobile with a native universal listing, you can sign your interest on the community website. In the meantine, you'll need to rely on either the Windows Phone 8.1 app or available Windows client.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Raining apps ;) ..
    After all these drama that happened yesterday...
    Let's revisit yesterday's article and see how many of us said 'WP is dead' :p
    Twitter : @YashHarf
    Instagram : @YashHarf
  • What a advertise yourself like a kid from sixth grade :D but you got the point ;) it's nice to see Spotify coming back :)
  • ^ This :D
  • I would be happy to be like an innocent 6th grade kid than an over grown d#*k head.. :-p
  • Haha true dat
  • You're overreacting, no need for harsh words.. You've got to be 5th grade. Sorry I hurt your feelings..DUDE!
  • Seems like you didn't notice the emoticon I added at the end of my comment to convey that its just a joke ... But its okay, you must be too old to see things hard feelings DUDE ;)
  • Of course I noticed, I've just continued a joke. Cheers DUDE! ;)
  • Except your comment wasn't funny.. But fair enough.. Cheers :)
  • Hahahah :-D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Coming back.... Where did it go This comment was posted on Windows Central for Windows 10 UWP.
  • No, there was a lot of drama. As usual, the fair weather WP fans declaring the end is at hand. Now less than 24 hours their misinformed rants have been squelched. SMH...all of that negativity over one app. The joke is on us.
  • Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft is killing it. Long live Windows 10 Mobile! Yeah, you see, there will be no more Windows Phone. Just Windows 10 from now on on all devices. When Spotify said they are not supporting Windows Phone, that's what they meant. Now we'll have the proper UWA that we need. More companies need to do this as we push for Windows 10 to take over.
  • Amen to that
  • Except they are supporting Windows Phone lol.
  • So true Posted via Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 650.
  • Cool speech, but Spotify IS still supporting Windows Phone. In fact, your Windows 10 device will be running a Windows Phone 8.1 version of the Spotify app, so your understanding of what they meant is false.
  • I hope it comes with Musixmatch integration like the IOS one.
  • From Queen to Weather Girls in how many hours?
  • LOL Another one bites the dust (Aka WP is dead) to it's raining apps. Just so happens there are trolls and Windows haters commenting here as well as the negativity feeders! In the meantime W10 just continues getting better :)
  • TBH I visited this comment section just to see DJCBS eating his words, but he's not here. :P
  • I would like to know about LinkedIn App!
    Seems DEAD in Store without any Windows 10 integration (What's News/People Hub).
  • Wrong article - you need to feedback or contact the devs. This is about Spotify......there was even an article to explain this.....doh!
  • Hahaha, good comment
  • Woooot! Very nice. I'm getting the feeling that it is raining apps :) I hope it stays that way.
  • Lovely. -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • Wth? Was it an intern that said they were dropping support or something? Or did Microsoft stepped in an renewed the contract?
  • This. Also is the Windows 10 app just for Windows 10 and not Mobile?
  • Is even for 8.1.
  • Currently there is no windows 10 app. There is just an update coming that will make the existing app work better on Windows 10 mobile. So "optimised for Windows 10" if you may, but no Windows 10 Universal app as of now.
  • Well, it's like the recent Line app update.. It is just an update to the WP8.1 app to optimise it for W10M ... Which is not a bad thing.. Nor is a good thing.. Still I would like to see a real universal app though..
  • Maybe just internal misinformation or maybe just a quick reaction to change stance. Maybe they have have been planning to make one, it's just wasn't a priority.
  • I thought we had already established that customer service representatives KNOW NOTHING. Remember this. CSRs know nothing. It's a very good rule.
  • And we shouldn't need a damn petition of sorts. All apps should be universal. There's virtually no code to change for mobile. -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • Good to see this news
  • So, what happened here exactly? Wrong information? Did someone get fired over this?
  • Lol. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Maybe just the internal miscommunication regarding to Windows Phone app status. Since it hasn't got some updates for a very long time, probably the PR assumed it was being discontinued. Or it maybe this is just a quick reaction for damage control which is indeed a bad news also for them too for losing some paid subscribers.
  • Why are people always surprised when random employee #4 has incorrect information about Windows Phone? People always seem surprised to find out that what's important to them is not to someone else... probably just someone that doesn't really care one way or the other. Very glad to hear the app is staying though... this is the one I use.
  • Why are people always surprised when random employee #4 has incorrect information about Windows Phone? People always seem surprised to find out that what's important to them is not to someone else... probably just someone that doesn't really care one way or the other. Very glad to hear the app is staying though... this is the one I use.
  • Hahaha now look at that. p.s I wonder did a bunch of people Start downloading the app and they were like whoa really we got to get head of this PR nightmare
  • when in india?
  • I'm root :p
  • No one really's a mystery.
  • Never!
  • Excellent. Was afraid I would have to switch to Groove, which would make me unhappy.
  • Deezer is very good too
  • I just hope, one day Apple will make an app for Apple Music for Windows......
  • No thanks to iTunes on windows mobile, ever
  • Why ?
  • Itunes is the one and only reason I will NEVER buy a product from Apple.
  • ^ Deezer is great; very full-featured app, and you can add your Deezer account to your Sonos, should you be an owner of such.
  • Groove had a rough start, but I think its pretty good now.
  • The Groove app is beautiful (looks much better than Spotify) and it is nice to see the album art on the pc lock screen. What I like about Spotify is the lists and that I can follow lists made by my favorite radio station / music magazine / etc. The Discover Weekly playlist is also quite great. As far as I know, there is no opportunity to follow other people's lists in Groove, hence discovering new music is a much harder job
  • I agree, I've tried Groove (and Xbox music) a few times. It isn't a bad service at all but it's missing some key features that I miss enough to switch back. I miss the curated radio stations, music discovery on Spotify / Deezer vs. Groove is a no brainer for me. The biggest thing that I end up missing is the ability to find new music by creating radio stations based on my playlists.
  • Its raining official w10 updatess ! No, im just kidding
  • I rather have a calm before the storm. :p
  • I'd rather have the storm.
  • Yea like it rains on the moon
  • Yeah :)
  • Here we go! I just updated the Spotify app on Windows Phone 8.1 30 minutes ago!!! It's just WOW! Waaaayyyy faster when you switch between apps and it launches soooo quickly now! Thank you dear Spotify!
  • Really ? I just checked the store for the update and nothing. 
  • I'm on WP 8.1 and there is an update. I didn't test it yet but finally an update came out! :)
  • Hmm maybe you should wait a little longer till you see the update???​ Photos of the update :!566572&authkey=!A...    
  • Τι να πω....Μπορεί να φταίει το ότι έχω Windows 10 Mobile και όχι τα 8.1
  • Έλα ρε πατριώτη! Ναι, αυτό είναι ;)
  • Uhm what? Yesterday they said they discontinue the support. What exactly Spotify is doing with Windows Phone? :D PS. Still waiting remote control feature.......
  • They never said it. Can't trust some random support rep.
  • I think they change the stance based from the news or it could be just a poor choice of words from their PR, probably assumed the support was ended since they haven't pushed any updates for a long time. There is a possibility it's been planned to have Universal App but just wasn't yet in the development or still in early stages. Or maybe just a quick reaction so to not damage their brand.
  • Remember: Windows 10 update coming today (only for Spoticrap not for Windows Phones)
  • Great news!
  • Oh come on now all the whiners are sad :(
  • You know all the trolls are just ignoring this, they're in other articles spreading the FUD. Good news is not what they want to see.
  • Deezer preview just got an update. I'm really torn here now... If Spotify releases a really GOOD app I wouldn't know what to do. I really like the new Deezer.
  • I wonder how stupid those nay sayers now feel.
  • Yesssss! Glad that they still do care! Now I hope that the Universal App would be at least almost a feature parity one from iOS and Android counterparts.
  • Nice like all pricess are same, 9.99/month, spotify, deezer, groove. really competition :-) Good luck still have 5.99/month Deezer subscription. Will be there some more competitive price?
  • I don't think Spotify will touch their existing desktop app. It's pretty solid and frequently updated. I think they'll go with separate code bases for W10 Desktop and Mobile, which is not a bad thing after all. Unifying them under UWP would be a big effort! Posted from the Windows Central app Built for Windows 10
  • I can see that. Also the current desktop apps covers more Windows version and also probably my shares similar codebase they use for other OS too such as OS X. Since unfortunately Windows phone device have very low market share (especially the current performance and last readings of market share was bad), the mobile app nor the development of new Universal App version wasn't prioritized. Spotify cannot simply abandon the desktop app at the same time, they have also to "support" WP8.1 for the moment until the devices got their official W10M update, thus WP market share replaced by W10M. Maybe their resources for Windows mobile development wasn't that big to cover up both WP and making W10 Universal App. Yeah Spotify is a big company but that doesn't mean they can just simply put big investment to it especially how poorly Windows mobile efforts still we experience these days. Still if all goes well we could end up with better Universal App with still classic desktop app. Until the Universal App catches up to desktop.
  • I agree, except.. I don't think Windows Phone's market share will influence their decision to go Universal. It would just be the huge effort involved to build a Universal app, that's as feature rich as the classic one. Even if they go with an incremental approach (adding features over time), it will take a year at least to catch up to the classic app. Posted from the Windows Central app Built for Windows 10
  • I think they bowed to the community outrage.
  • Yeah....just imagine how many mails they got in their inbox about Windows Phone app support.
  • There are literally dozens of us. ;P
  • One, maybe two?
  • I dont think there was a lot of outrage - more a false communication that started the whole nonsense.
  • Hilarious. Ah well, got everyone talking. Mostly ********... But talking still. Rebel Base, Hoth... using the new beta app!
  • Oh thank god for that! (or spotify) I really got worried there for a while. Great news! Spotify is by far the best music service out there!
  • lol :P to the bad mouths
  • Yay!
  • Very nice..
  • I do have spotify on my phone lumia532. Glad they will continue to support windows eco.
  • we need universal apps for WhatsApp, Spotify and more important apps, then W10 Mobile will be a solid OS for basic customers. Specially WhatsApp with W10 design would be very damn beautiful.
  • WhatsApp is ome of the most used app on any phone but they taking dimm too long to build, other apps are coming in handy Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • It would be really nice to see a nice live tile in whatsapp with notifications and maybe a picture of your contact who sent the latest message.
  • Maybe they meant that there would be no further updates AFTER the update that was just about to be released... which, by the way, I still don't see in the store.
  • Given the hammering Spotify is taking in the market because of Apple's streaming service, it would be crazy for them to ditch Microsoft. Spotify is going to need Windows as it's primary platform
  • Re: Jcmg62, source? Are you sure the apple streaming service is doing well?
  • There are multiple sources online discussing streaming music market share. The one below details how quickly Apple Music is on the rise. The pertinent facts are that Spotify has been around since 2009 and has 40M users, of which 10M are paid subscribers. Apple Music has been around for less than a year and already has 15M users and 6.5M paid subscribers.  I'm no fan of Apple (frankly I'm an isheep hater) but the fact is that Apple are in a position to virtually force thier music streaming service on hundreds of millions of iPhone users. They have a virtual captive market. If I were Spotify, I'd be backing Windows (and Android) to the hilt, simply because Apple may well end up totally dominating music streaming on thier own devices       
  • Primary Platform? lol I don't know about that.
  • You never know....220Million users and growing. That's a big market worth supporting, particularly when you consider that Apple will try to force as many iPhone users to thier own streaming service as they can, which could leave Spotify with a big headache. Apple music is growing at a much faster pace than Spotify. It's good common sense for Spotify to get behind Microsoft in a very meaningful way
  • Bingo!! Apple's streaming service is the last thing Spotify and Pandora want. Competition is fierce in this space. Cheers!
  • Wow the bad mouth comments were having a party day with the Spotify news yesterday. Go back and read what they wrote. I think they pray on the less dedicated like vultures. I'm going to download Spotify and try it out, to show them some support. Thank you Spotify.
  • I stopped using spotify a year ago, but still have a subscription that my kid use on here apple-things. Downloading it now to show some support.
  • This post makes me happy, now I install W10moblie again :)
  • I think it was just a miscommunication by Spotify, they maybe meant the end of support of 8.xx devices in the near future and continuation of the app as a UWP on windows 10. That or MS really brokered a deal in 24 hours :p
  • News drama like this is why I have SERIOUS trust issues in real life...
  • LOL
  • Just avoid drama in real life. We all have the power to choose what types of people we allow into our lives, affections and emotions. I had to let go of some unstable people and situations as I am seeking peace and if a person is tossed to and fro, there isn't much peace to be had. Knowledge of the truth keeps drama at a minimum.
  • Innocence is bliss?
  • Is there any music like Nokia's "MIXRADIO" which shows artist art ?
    I loved tat artist pics .
  • Groove?
  • So where is DJCBS now. Crawling in a hole? Or is he grown up enough to confess he was wrong?
  • He only come out to feed on the weak and wounded.
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android! (Nexus 5x)
  • DJCBS is a know-it-all **** who talks **** because he hates microsoft. He'll come back to bore the universe with his unwanted opinion which he claims to be fact.
  • Bless him.....he believes Nokia will return to making phones and become so popular they will rule the universe lol
  • I like Nokia and they're the reason why I got into Windows Phone but they're dead! RIP Nokia! I love my Windows 10 Mobile so I'm glad they produced WP handsets
  • Yeah, and that Kamesh dude... paid per post for their pro-Google roast.
  • I apologized... in case you did not scroll down... :-)
  • Why don't they announce UWP support before announcing dropping support for WP? That would make them look much nicer.
  • They did it to see how many of WC users are chronic whiners :D
  • Did you read the article? They're not dropping any support.
  • They never announced anything. Some employee told a customer something and it got reported as an "official" announcement.
  • Okay, now, what the heck is going on? First, y'all said "Spotify confirms..." they're done w/Windows.  Then, y'all said the exact opposite.  Are you saying that Spotify is suffering from split personality, or what?
  • No.....if you read the articles you would understand an employee made an incorrect statement and all the crazy's read it as an official statement. Now an official statement has been released so everyone knows the true story. Quite simple really!
  • A misinformed Spotify support tech said they're not supporting WP8.1, and now Spotify proper is saying they're supporting it moving forward. Hopefully the W10 app comes before the end of the year.
  • Okay, people. Sorry for yesterday's controversy. I sincerely apologize. Enjoy. :-)
  • First time I've seen someone apologise here - well done, you win 4 cookies :)
  • When I'm wrong I accept it :-) but people just don't want to accept the fact sometimes.. That's what I don't like :-)
  • Funny you mention facts..
  • Wow! Good to see many apps extending support to Windows 10 (Mobile). Hope 'SuperCell' learns something from it...
  • Do the doom mongers / naysayers / emo's and illiterate not bother reading stories properly?? Yesterday was full of the idiots when the Spotify app "news" broke. None of them bothered reading the blog, most of them asked what it was about on the comments page!!!! Spotify, allegedly, said WIN PHONE 8.x. Nothing else..... Anyway, where are these blog skimmers today??
  • Someone should get suspended or fired .... Doesn't matter if the (mis)information was given by this or that side, neither if no severe moves happened on these 2 days. They should care about what they write. (The unique exception is due to some bad translation from other language report - similar to what I do here this moment.:) )
  • Okay, people. Sorry for yesterday's controversy. I sincerely apologize. Enjoy. :-)
  • You know, this was inevitable. Windows is a huge source of consumers and leaving the behind would be rather stupid.
  • Just updated spotify. the update is live.
  • What do you mean? Posted via Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 650.
  • you can download it. now or update to  
  • Still not live for me (UK) Posted via 950 xl
  • Every apps and developers supporting windows10mobile lets download their apps to show support for them ..
  • Really it was a drama lol Windows Central For Windows 10
  • I'd like to tell them I support it, but I'm not going to make a Spotify account just to do that.
  • You can log in with Facebook? Does that help?
  • Nope
  • Finally! Spotify is showing the platform some much needed attention. The numerous app bugs are well beyond needing fixes. Hopefully a W10 app comes within the year.
  • Damn, and I just cancelled my subscription yesterday and now I'm back on groove Posted on the universal windows 10 windows central app on my Lumia 1020
  • So happy ☺
  • So what? Fool..!
  • They should totally stop updating the Win32 client as well.
  • Ya thats true and try to only focus on UWA
  • To all those non-windows phone users that decided to jump in yesterday and trash talk about the Windows platform please stay out. This Spotify clarification no doubt has stunned them.
  • Yes, it has :-) I'm really stunned :-) but I accept the fact. I'm a fan of truth not biased fan :-) Cheers!
  • A fan of truth? Yet you ran your mouth over and over based on some unreliable source that was proven incorrect the very same day? ... Please.
  • Got the update on my 925 8.1 no resuming yes's
  • Hey techbell, chnin77, Busted Knuckle7, Kamesh Kotwani, emjey, halflifecrysis and good ol' Chris Stevens3.... where you at? You were SO quick to rip on things when it was "the end" where are you now? I'm so fed up with a^$ hats jumping on a forum to spew negative comments! Reading your posts you use Android, why are you even here, what are you afraid of? Note that I mentioned your mobile OS of choice without ripping on it, see easy! Your 15 minutes is up... please move on!!!
  • Thank write my feels...
  • This site seems to be consistently behind wmpoweruser in news worthy events.
  • Any news on the Spotify Connect feature? Does this update include that?
  • Few weeks ago Spotify support told Premium users with Windows Phones, that Spoify Connect for Windows Phone isn't their goal. NOT RIGHT NOW was their answer. :(
  • Spotify ends support for WP> over 340 comments
    Spotify announce Win10m App> 140 comments
  • Odd cant see some of the "experts" commenting now ?? Odd that :) sipneat you are so right !
  • Where are the negative morons with their fake MBA degrees and their flawed crystal ball "dead" predictions? Where are their copy/paste "market share" analysis posts? How is it possible that Spotify or any company has an app at all, know..."it's simple business"? People who spew this nonsense on every negative news article honestly have no idea what they are talking about. I'd bet none of them have any education or experience in business. I'm glad this correction comes less than 24 hours after their reactions to seemingly bad news. They are exposed and should be reminded of this when they put out their pedestrian level business vocabulary words in an attempt to educate the rest of us.
  • Never a truer word said!
  • Totally agree....someone above commented they were Android users....jealous much! #HatersExposed
  • Ok. They shouldn't say they are cancelling then say they are not Sent from Lumia 950
  • "They" didn't. That was the whole point all along.
  • Actually I don't need a universal app. Just make a more navigable and faster to use app. Like using more swap gestures. Left to right > hamburger menu , right to left > costumizeable quick tabs and when you could use that groove music app swap up you get the tracklist.just like in groove music but the ( playlist song list scrollable from the beginning, not from where you are on that track list. Seriously hate that I can't scroll up in the app in its current state !!! ) do all that and the app will be superb Posted from your moms place
  • Willboyce they didn't that's just the problem. Someone puts up one tweet and everyone believes it like its gospel. Instead of following the basic rule of evidence, facts and sources they type any old *** that suits what they want to believe to massage their egos.
  • Over 24 hours later, still no update to Spotify 5.2 for me running WP10 10.0.10586.164 ? The app has never ran correctly for me from WP8, 8.1 betas and now WP10 on 3 different Lumia phones. I worked with Spotify tech support and still never got it running correctly, app crashes, very laggy. I started as a Premium user upon U.S. launch, cancelled, and gave it another try a few weeks back, but the Windows app will not work fluidly for me. If Groove would up the bitrate and catalog, I would be right back to a paid subscriber and happy. 
  • Same (UK)
  • Support for Windows apps... buy with Spotify Connect feature or without? As a Premium Users we were asking Spotify for Spotify Connect for Windows Phones more than a year, and not so long ago we get the answer form Spotify: NOT RIGHT NOW!​ :(