Music streaming services that can also create custom playlists are a dime a dozen in 2016 (although fewer than in 2015, RIP MixRadio) and which one you think is the best usually comes down to which one you have installed on your devices. Spotify is one of the more well-known ones, and it just picked up the rare update for those on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Version 5.2.3 hit the Store early this morning, which is a bump from 5.2.2 back in March. With it comes an overhauled UI complete with some new transition effects, design, and overall feel. Some users have also reported improved app performance and stability, although on our Lumia 950 it feels like it is still stuck in the mud.

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No other new features were noted, and the app is still clearly not a real Modern UWP, which is a shame considering the clout Spotify wields in the mobile world.

While some of you may be glued to Spotify, we are having much better luck with Deezer's Windows 10 app, which also works on PC, and Groove's latest Your Groove and Explore feature gets the job done for us most of the time too. Still, if you're married to the Spotify service, you might as well load up this semi-functional app on your device and get your summer tunes rolling.

Thanks, Malay A., and others for the tips!

Download Spotify from the Windows Store

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