Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo launch imminent as cases begin to show in stores

On Sprint? Then you’re probably trying to find anything you can about the Samsung ATIV S Neo, an upcoming Windows Phone that is meant for the loquacious.  Based off of the similar ATIV S, the Neo will bring Windows Phone 8 GDR2 and a snappy 4.8-inch display to the beleaguered CDMA carrier, giving those customers something to brag about after a long dry spell.

Word had it that Sprint would sell the device starting on August 16th, which is in just four days. But with no announcement so far, that date may be slipping by unless the carrier just unleashes this Friday with zero fanfare (honestly, that’s quite possible).

Now we have a photo from a tipster showing us a case for the Neo, which in of itself is nothing exciting. Why it is interesting though is because the arrival of accessories implies that the launch is near. That means even if it doesn’t launch this Friday, the day you can pick one up is not very far off. (The case itself is a nifty Body Glove edition, which we’ve always enjoyed).

Sprint ATIV S Neo case

The Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo will be the second Windows Phone 8 device the carrier is launching in 2013. The phone should pack a 1.4GHz dual core CPU, 8MP rear camera, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, expandable storage and a replaceable battery. Combined with Samsung’s recent software offerings and slick (though conservative) design, it’s certainly a phone worth waiting for if switching carriers is not an option.

Exact specifications have not yet been announced though pricing is expected to be $150 after MIR.

While Sprint is seemingly back on board with Windows Phone, we have to caution people that the carrier still seems lukewarm to the platform. Advertising and in-store promotion for the recently launched 8XT (full review) is minimal and so far the drumbeat up to the Neo has been feeble. But at the end of the day, so long as a few of you get the phone you want, that’s still good news.

Thanks, Reese, for the image!

Daniel Rubino

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