Quick note: this is not a new ROM update, but rather one that flashes to the currently available 1.04 ROMs.  If you have a 1.04 ROM then no need to do this!


Most people who have bought Sprint Treo Pro's are getting the current 1.04 ROM (see Settings --> System --> About --> Phone --> T850EWW-1.04-SPT).  However, many people who are buying on eBay are coming away with T850EWW-1.03-SPT ROMs (for a full back story on this issue, check out Dieter's write-up here).

So is there a difference between 1.03 and 1.04? Outside of 2 more MBs of RAM in the latter, no there seems to be no difference.  From forum member zbop:

I compared a 1.03 registry snapshot and a 1.04 snapshot and after eliminating all the device-specific differences, and live-state differences, I can't find anything significant. There are a few minor changes, but nothing that looks like a bugfix.

But if you have a 1.03 ROM and would like to flash it to 1.04 and gain peace of mind, then hop right over to TreoCentral where member kronium managed to finagle the file from a Sprint tech.  Score!

Hey, maybe at least now we'll start to get some custom ROM work?  Hmm...