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Sprint Treo Pro 1.04 ROM Updater Leaked

Quick note: this is not a new ROM update, but rather one that flashes to the currently available 1.04 ROMs.  If you have a 1.04 ROM then no need to do this!


Most people who have bought Sprint Treo Pro's are getting the current 1.04 ROM (see Settings --> System --> About --> Phone --> T850EWW-1.04-SPT).  However, many people who are buying on eBay are coming away with T850EWW-1.03-SPT ROMs (for a full back story on this issue, check out Dieter's write-up here).

So is there a difference between 1.03 and 1.04? Outside of 2 more MBs of RAM in the latter, no there seems to be no difference.  From forum member zbop:

I compared a 1.03 registry snapshot and a 1.04 snapshot and after eliminating all the device-specific differences, and live-state differences, I can't find anything significant. There are a few minor changes, but nothing that looks like a bugfix.

But if you have a 1.03 ROM and would like to flash it to 1.04 and gain peace of mind, then hop right over to TreoCentral where member kronium managed to finagle the file from a Sprint tech.  Score!

Hey, maybe at least now we'll start to get some custom ROM work?  Hmm...

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  • Thanks a lot for this news. I was trying to find this. wmexperts rocks!!!
  • My big hope with this is that it could lead to custom roms on XDA. Now that they have something to work from.
  • So will Palm still refuse to support 1.03 phones if they have been flashed to 1.04? It will now be impossible to tell whether an ebay phone is one of the "unsupported" ones by checking the ROM version -- but Palm presumably will still be able to determine this by the S/N.
  • The Palm support problem will remain. It is less important because recently Sprint announced it will handle support directly with extra charge and no need for TEP. The episode did show that one unscrupulous eBay seller with multiple names and access to the recalled units can make a mess for many buyers, wasting countless hours. It is a shame because ebay is normally an excellent way to buy handsets.
  • I think I get a little better reception on 1.04 than 1.03. My reception does not jump up and down constantly like before and I get more "EV" than "1X"