Square Enix confirms Final Fantasy Agito release for Windows 10

For those not familiar with the title, it's a free-to-play title released for mobile hardware where players are Peristylium academy students with the goal to become an Agito. They are tasked with completing missions and interacting with other characters in the Type-0 world.

It's an interesting decision-based experience with enemy bosses to combat, teaming up with other characters with powerful load outs. We'll of course give you a heads up when the game is eventually released for Windows 10. Prepare to study during the week and engage with stacked attacks on the weekend!

Source: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That's good to know
  • YEEEEAHHHHHH BABY!!!! Can i also get FFRK for WP?? Ahahahah!
  • I really wish they would make a Universal option where you could pay a slight premium (say $10 more) but have access to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 Versions of the game. They I would play it wherever I have time and not be tied to a livingroom machine or desktop.
  • This will be a feature in Windows 10, called Cross-buy. It will work just as you said, buy it once, play it on all your supported devices. However, the issue is that developers have to opt into this, and many would (understandaby) prefer you buy the game for each device. http://www.windowscentral.com/cross-buy-will-let-gamers-purchase-and-play-games-across-all-their-windows-10-devices
  • I doubt that many people buy the same game twice on different platforms, and those who do are likely offset by those who will buy because it has cross-buy but otherwise wouldn't have. Anyway, when this says it is coming to Windows 10, I assume that means via the Store and therefore there is a good chance it will be an Xbox game, no?
  • windows 10 is getting more excited before coming
  • For Windows 10 Mobile too I guess? Can't wait!
  • Click the source link, look at second picture. Be happy.
  • Thanks, mate. :D
  • Yaaaaaaas!! Now if only JRPGs would all be available for Xbox One from hereon.
  • That should mean W10 Mobile as well........right?
  • In the vision of microsoft's universal windows platform, yes. But it's still up to the developer to release it on one or more of the platforms (desktop/mobile/xbox/IoT/holo) if it's an univeral app at all.
  • Bro, just click the link. You don't need to read .. Just look at the picture, the second picture. Then be happy.
  • But first let windows 10 official come out.. ...
  • Would be cool to see the other Chaos Rings games come too.
  • Instead of this maybe they need to work on bringing final fantasy mmo to Xbox instead of a PS exclusive.
  • It is also on PC.
  • Is it possible for a game to have the same account and servers for a game on PC and Xbox?  
  • Xbox does not have FF mmo though. I think it is possible. As in Neverwinter if my memory is right, and i only play Neverwinter on PC.
  • I think someone had told me at one point it wasn't possible because of how Xbox Live is setup.  Unless Sony is paying them a good chunk, I would imagine Square would have already brought the game to XBox  if possible.
  • Yes some games are exclusive for PS, like FF9. Though, i do not know the case for FF mmo. And yes i also think Square would not mind that.
    Edit: I read it wrong, still leave the original reply for amusement.
  • I remember hearing about Agito years ago! Glad it's finally coming to life!
  • I hope it's released in Brazil! But as Lara Croft Relic Run has been released here, maybe I can start being pumped! \o/
  • Aaaah, God bless. I have been wanting to play this ever since it came out and now I'll finally be able to. Thank you for giving us this wonderful game, Square Enix!