Square Enix 'Marvel's Avengers' collector's edition goes up for preorder

Avengers Collectors
Avengers Collectors (Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers Captain America

Source: Square Enix (Image credit: Source: Square Enix)

What you need to know

  • Marvel's Avengers is an upcoming game from Square Enix.
  • The title was pushed back to September 2020 to polish it up.
  • Today, a new trailer and collector's edition were revealed.
  • You can preorder the collector's edition for $200 on Amazon.

Marvel's Avengers is an upcoming third-person action game from Square Enix, but the reveal didn't go as smoothly as the company anticipated. Many people criticized the look of the characters and how there wasn't a lot of information available. In order to fix the game's problems, the publisher has decided to delay the game until September 2020. This is quite the jump, and hopefully, the developer will be able to polish the title before it ships towards the end of this year.

If you love the franchise or have faith in Crystal Dynamics, you should consider picking up the collector's edition of Marvel's Avengers. It comes with a number of amazing items that you're sure to love. It costs $200 and quantities are expected to be very limited.

Aside from that, the game also got a new trailer and the characters look quite good.

The Avengers game takes place after a horrific event leaves San Francisco in ruins. The team has been disbanded for five years, but when an even bigger evil threatens the planet, it's up to you to assemble the crew and save the world once.

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