This stained glass-style Xbox gaming PC is making us green with envy

Xbox style PC
Xbox style PC (Image credit: Robeytech)

Microsoft's relationship with PC gaming hasn't always been a smooth one, but with Phil Spencer at the helm, things are gradually improving. From the surprisingly useful Xbox Game Bar on PC to the incredible value of Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft has been making strides to improving some of its gaming offerings on Windows, which makes this custom PC feel more appropriate than ever.

Our friends over at RobeyTech recently built this enchanting stained glass-style Windows PC as part of an ExtraLife fundraiser, and it looks truly dreamy.

Source: RobeyTech (Image credit: Source: RobeyTech)

The PC case has a vinyl design using "holographic" textures that give it that stained glass motif, arranged around the classic Xbox nexus logo. It's rocking some impressive internals too, with an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-core CPU and an RTX 2080Ti GPU. It also sports the sleek and sexy ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII ATX AM4 motherboard, which comes with Wi-Fi 6 as standard.

Spec list

Source: RobeyTech (Image credit: Source: RobeyTech)

Total price (approx): $3250

It's not cheap though, clocking in an eyewatering $3250, give or take a few dollars here and there. However, this rig would chew up any game you threw at it. RobeyTech gave it away as part of Microsoft's Xbox ExtraLife stream for charity, where they raised an incredible $150,000 dollars.

Source: RobeyTech (Image credit: Source: RobeyTech)

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