Star Wars Battlefront II confirmed as an 'Xbox One X Enhanced' title

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X last month at E3 2017 – an upcoming flagship console set to achieve higher resolutions, improved frame rates, and other visual enhancements. Numerous developers announced their plans to support the console over the course of the show, through both upcoming releases and patches to existing titles. We've now been assured that Star Wars Battlefront II will be receiving a patch on Xbox One X, with enhancements to leverage the power of the new hardware.

As a part of its E3 2017 offerings, Electronic Arts was one of biggest publishers promising support for its upcoming titles. Blockbusters such as FIFA 18, Madden NFL 18, and Anthem all clearly touted support for the Xbox One X, with enhancements to take full advantage of the additional resources. However, at the time, mention of an update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 appeared to be absent from the show.

As seen on the official Xbox website (opens in new tab), we now have clear confirmation that Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be upgraded for the Xbox One X. Like other games advertised under the "Xbox One X Enhanced" tagline, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have various visual upgrades on the console – though the actual specifics of the upgrade are yet to be confirmed.

While up until now it seemed likely that the game would be getting enhancements, the publisher's messaging has transpired as somewhat unclear. Between changing development plans and various marketing deals, it's become apparent some publishers are holding official announcements until closer to the console's November launch.

With Gamescom on the horizon, Xbox head Phil Spencer has already confirmed more details will be shared regarding Xbox One X Enhanced titles. With all of this year's biggest Xbox exclusives already getting upgrades, it's safe to assume new third-party announcements will be made.

Are you planning to pick up Star Wars Battlefront 2? Will you be getting an Xbox One X? Let us know us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Just another title to get 4K 60fps and ultra PC settings. The more time developers get with the Devkit the more titles are having massive upgrades over PS4 Pro. Xbox is definitely the console to play all third party titles on now. For the millions and millions and millions of people who game on Consoles only and not PC, finally for a fraction of the cost we get $1500 PC level visual fidelity. Amazing.
  • I'm holding out on getting a 4k TV for one specific reason. Guys what do you think the likelihood a 4k oled HDR TV around 65 inches will be featured for black Friday? I'll trample a few kids and grandma's for a sub $1500 set
  • I can see that price point for a 55." Still kids and grandma trample worthy.
  • I'd probably hesitate to jump on that. I have a 65 inch DLP now. I'm used to that size. And the bezels on my set are huge. So to go down to a new tv that has no bezels and 10 inches less screen, will really feel like a downgrade (I know it's an upgrade in every other sense, but I want to feel eager about my purchase... not apprehensive). Maybe it's trample kids worthy, but I'll let the grandma get by unharmed for a 55 inch
  • Good luck.  I've known many people who go out and buy items like this at Black Friday and it lasts less than a year because they were made without quality in mind to bring the price down.  The "Black Friday Model".  
  • OLED 65" 4K I highly doubt it unless it's some off brand that will look like crap.
  • ...wat.   This will NOT be playing at 4k 60fps on ultra PC settings. It does not say that anywhere, and the system cannot handle it. It's not a bad thing to admit that PC will always have the best graphics. You're paying a lot more for them.
  • It will be like all other games doing the same. All Bethesda games are going 4K Ultra. Ark Survival is running exactly like a 1080ti pc. Confirmed by the Dev. EA has said they will announce more closer to the One X launch. If it was just 4K 60fps they wouldn't be excited to announce more enhancements later. The One X is already showing its plenty powerful enough to run Gighend PC settings and do 4K 60fps. The only titles bot doing this are titles where Sony have paid for exclusive marketing, and content. Like Destiny 2, COD. Pathetic from these companies and Sony if you ask me.
  • You're wrong on that one. ARK devs said it runs like a 1070. I'm starting to think the dude from before is right and that you like to lie a little, since you have sited what the ARK devs have said yourself.
  • No he says the One X is equivalent to a PC with a 1070 and 16 gb vram. But if you listen he says the One X version is 1080p 60fps with Epic Settings. That's exactly the settings a 1080ti currently does on PC with 8gb Vram. A 1070 with 8gb Vram can't do Epic Settings currently on the PC game. You have to drop some settings lower. Perhaps i should have worded what i said a little better. I meant the Dev confirmed how its running on One X. And its currently the equivalent only a 1080ti or higher can achieve with 8gb Vram.
  • No, he said they were shooting for 1080p 60FPS on close to epic settings. You're also using an upotimized PC game as your example, this is not a proper comparison of the capibilities of the X1X. The system is going to be way more powerful than most gaming PCs but it's not going to rival a 1080ti.
  • I didn't say it would rival it. It's going to be very very close to it. I merely pointed out that on that game it currently operates the same as a PC with that card. The game is difficult to optimize because its player dependant. Particularly on bases. As an example the PS4 Pro is doing half the resolution or frame rate on the same game and has a max ceiling of medium pc settings. So not only is One X running the game at twice the speed, it is doing it whilst upping all the visual fidelity. On the same game. So take Battlefront 2. On Ps4 Pro it is absolutely going to be checkerboard with normal Ps4 visual fidelity settings. So straight away the One X is capable of native 4K and doubling the visual fidelity over PS4 Pro on Battlefront 2. I guess all i can say is wait closer till the One X release. Alot of devs are saving further announcements till then. If it was simply a resolution upgrade we wouldn't have these 2nd announcements coming with further details. Also f1 2017 is checkerboard on Ps4 Pro at 60fps also on low to medium PC settings. And Codemasters have already stated One X is 4K native at 60fps and they are currently putting in ultra Settings as we speak. See the trend??? One X has been designed so well as a complete package, GPU, memory, CPU and new hardware features that its double Ps4 Pros resolution and increasing visual fidelity at the same time. The One X sits closer in performance to 1080ti with 8gb Vram than it does to a 1070 8gb Vram. Hence why the developer said its like a 1070 on steroids. 16gb vram
  • I'm actually really sorry. I realise I've been saying 1080ti. I meant 1080 GTX. My bad.
  • You don't even know what "Xbox One X Enhanced" means, do you? Seriously, mate, your fanboyism is now just borderline pathetic. "Enhanced games" does NOT mean 4K 60fps. It just means the developers did "special work" on the game to take advantage of the One X. And do you know what that "special work" is? Let me tell you and you can write this down: it's checkerboarding. Battlefront 2 will almost certainly be coming in 2K for the One X and use checkerboarding to make it reach 4K sometimes.   And stop being delusional. You're NEVER going to get the performance of a 1500€ PC on ultra settings on the One X. Nor on any console for that matter.
  • You started so strong, and then quickly fell apart. Just like he doesn't know, neither do you. In fact, "Enhanced" doesn't even mean 4k, though I would guess it'll be in there in some form. As bad as some people are fanboys, you are seriously the opposite, blind hatred with just the same lack of facts to back it up.
  • There are to many people claiming the One X is underpowered. The fact is to get equal to or over its capable performance you need to spend £1200/$1500 on a PC. That is a fact. Particularly Sony fans and PC fans don't like it, because its wonderfully engineered. Sure you can build a PC with better specs, but it will cost you.
  • But wait, I thought developers would only care about the PS4 Pro and wouldn't optimise for Xbox One X? /s
  • That's the way it seemed at first, but now most devs are on board with utilizing the One X's full power and not holding back.  Why else did Sonys Jim Ryan want to have a level playing field and have devs not use it's power.  The only ones that will probably hold back are the ones that have timed exclusive titles with Sony at first.
  • Yep! Looking at you Destiny 2! @_@
  • A patch to support X1X shouldn't be needed since it comes out after the console does.
  • But they have only had devkits for a few months. If anything I'm astonished how fast developers can implement all the changes so quickly. A testament to how impressive the devkit is as developers have already praised it.
  • ... Unless of course you don't want to try and shoehorn 4K assets onto the Disc or force non-4K owners to download them?  
  • Doesn't work quite like that, there will always be a patch for X1X games because the game has to work on X1/X1S first and then the 4K patch will be for X users only to save HDD space for X1 users.
  • I doubt this will be 4K. Even benchmarks for the original Battlefront yielded on 38fps in 4K and heavily GPU bound. I doubt Dice will be happy for the game to run at such low framerate, my guess will be it'll be 1600p at most.