EA provides an overview of all its upcoming Star Wars projects

On stage at EA Play 2016, Electronic Arts has showcased a number of its future Star Wars projects, while a new trailer showed some behind-the-scenes footage of EA's various Star Wars development teams, with some brief in-game footage.

The three currently existing Star Wars games from EA (the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, BioWare's MMO Knights of the Old Republic and DICE's Battlefront) will continue to get new content at least for the next year. In 2017, there will be an all new Star Wars: Battlefront game, which will be co-developed by between DICE and EA's new Motive studios in Montreal. It will feature content from the new Star Wars films

Visceral Games will release its new Star Wars game in 2018, and Titanfall developer Respawn will also be creating their own Star Wars game, set in an entirely new era and universe, and featuring brand new and original characters. Development includes even more motion capture than before, to portray the true fluidity of tense lightsaber combat.

With lots and more to come over the coming months, we'll keep you posted on any upcoming Star Wars game news.

Lauren Relph

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