State of Decay 2 crosses 2 million players since launch

A few weeks ago, State of Decay 2 launched to mixed reviews around the world. The game was praised for its deep mechanics, but the fact that it exhibited frame rate issues even on Xbox One X and suffered from numerous glitches was a cause for concern. Undead Labs released a patch a few days ago which fixed a lot of problems, but certain annoyances still remain. Surprisingly, this hasn't stopped the title from being enjoyed by countless gamers. This afternoon, Microsoft revealed that State of Decay 2 crossed two million players since its May 18, 2018 launch. This is a stunning achievement given how the title was initially portrayed.

Microsoft issued the following statement discussing the game's success and adoption among players.

It has been incredible to see fans around the world supporting State of Decay 2 and we are excited to share that we have reached more than two million players in less than two weeks since our global launch on May 22. On behalf of the team here and our incredibly talented partners at Undead Labs, we want to thank the millions of fans old and new who have helped build such a strong community of players united in the fight for survival... With so many players enjoying the game, we've seen some interesting trends and data since our previous milestone of one million players. So far, survivors have eliminated close to two billion zombies! We're also seeing lots of successful survivor stories. Last week, players tended to survive about three days on average, and as of note, we've seen players complete over 121,000 community stories and start brand new communities with a new map that includes extra bonuses to help kick-start their new survival challenge.

Note that the two million figure represents players who purchased the game and used Xbox Game Pass. Despite that, it's great to see State of Decay 2 do so well. The prequel — regardless of the fact that it suffered from numerous performance issues — garnered a significant following. It appears that the sequel is also popular even though it needs more polish. Hopefully Undead Labs will continue to optimize the experience in the months to come.

State of Decay 2 is a co-op multiplayer game which forces you to survive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Players have to work together, build bases, and form communities if they wish to survive in this hostile land. You can currently purchase the title at various retailers starting at $29.99, or play it for free if you're a $9.99 Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

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Asher Madan

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  • I’m still curious how many copies sold.
  • Does it matter?
  • @FooseTV
    I think it does to Undead Labs.
    I think the amount of money earned for the game, return on investment and further investment in this franchise depend a lot on this. If 1.5m copies were sold it would bring in a LOT more money than if there were only 300k copies sold.
  • Why does that matter to the OP or even you? None of us are their accountants nor their business managers. All companies such as Microsoft have much more visibility in the marketplace and every thing that is going on in the landscape of how to be successful in the current climate. Let Microsoft and Undead labs worry about how to make money. Neither one of them would even do game pass if there was no return on investment. Nobody goes into business to lose money. All that's important to us as gamers is delivering games we will play for a price that's acceptable and in the case of multiplayer games, that there are people actively playing so it's not a ghost town when diving in.
  • Why? I'll tell you.
    1) it's actually good to know that a game or a franchise is doing well financially because that could very likely mean that the game and franchise will be supported in the future which could mean more games.
    2) It's actually nice that consumer knows how popular the game actually is. Due to popularity how many people are actually willing to pay 20-30 bucks to play this game. MS are the ones communicating these numbers. It is most likely done to try to hype the game and boost about how popular the game is.
    ofc this is marketing. Anything to make a product more appealing. When they talk of 2m people there are probably many people who will think it's the numbers of copies sold because that's how things were for so long. Also it would be nice to know the actual number of game pass members. As a consumer, popularity of a product or service is important. Sales numbers or player base is important. MS doesn't want to communicate on these numbers. They'll only communicate on numbers that favours them. All this make me think that they aren't proud of the actual sales number and that's why they aren't talking about it. Now tell me . Is knowing actual numbers that matter a bad or something negative for you? If yes, how?
  • I don’t think the copies sold applies anymore with Xbox Game Pass. We just need subscriber counts.
  • I'm playing it on GamePass and it's just become another monthly subscription for me. I don't even bother with it just leave it. I'm using it often to play several games on the subscription, including Halo5. I have Halo 5 on disk but it's a pain in the ass to keep putting the disk in lol.
  • Why all the negativity? It's available 'free on game pass. I'm enjoying it and don't think it's as bug laden as people moan.about. Xbox is short on exclusives, yes, but here's one that's fun embrace it. Numbers, sales figures do matter to ensure continued support and enhancement via DLC etc but as it's stands it's a decent AA game.
  • How is asking for actual sales number negative? People complain about bugs maybe because they are actually having issues. It's not because some people are having bug free experience that there aren't bugs. Oh and are you sure about it being a AA game? I've been told constantly that this is a AAA game.
  • It was good enough for Microsoft to buy the development company.